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Interesting and useful closet lighting can help you to bring your closet to life. Lighting is one thing that can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your closet. There are a few different options to consider and safety issues that you should be aware of before you begin.

1) Most closets have a surface mounted incandescent bulb. This is one of the biggest fire hazards in any home. Closet light bulbs left on frequently start fires. To be safe, all incandescent bulbs (regular light bulbs) should be enclosed in a globe. A partially open glass cover is not good enough. A globe ensures that nothing can get to your clothes or stored items, not even a flaming bug or web.

2) Fluorescent bulbs are a good idea to consider. They don't heat up like the old incandescent bulbs and they save energy. LED bulbs save energy and come in a lot of different sizes. Both of these types of lights come in a huge variety of styles. You can get decorative track lighting, spotlights, or overhead lighting that works with your closet.

3) Check the package of the bulb that you choose. It should state whether or not it is suitable for storage areas such as closets. Only use bulbs that specifically state that they are suitable for storage areas. The general rule for closet lights that are LED or incandescent is that they should be completely enclosed and also at least 12" away from contact with any item if they are surface mounted. Enclosed recessed lighting, whether it is incandescent, LED, or fluorescent should be at least 6" away from any item.

4) Recessed lighting is a great idea for a closet. It allows you to safely store things a lot closer to the ceiling. Being able to move your top closet shelf upwards can help you to make room for a second level hanging bar, more shelves, cabinets, or drawers. If you make your shelves tall enough, you can safely use lighting underneath the shelves to more clearly see what you're doing. You can spotlight your hanging clothes from the front and the back. Update your clothes hangers so that your closet looks great. Your hangers should match their purpose. Use a wood hanger or coat hanger for coats and suits. Your lighting will bring out the wood grain in the hangers, so consider high quality ones when you decide.

Lighting can bring out the details of your clothing, jewelry and accessories. Make your closet a place that you are proud of. Please remember to follow safety guidelines when installing lights and you'll have an illuminated closet that you love.