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Clothes tend to look messy in a closet, even when they're hung up and folded, if you don't have them organized in an orderly fashion. One way to keep them looking nice is to use the right kinds of hangers. Not only will this keep your clothes protected from wrinkling, snagging, puckering, or slipping, but it will also give your closet that nice polished appearance that you long for. Keeping things organized in an orderly fashion is not as difficult as it may seem. Use these tips to learn how you can do it, quickly, easily, and inexpensively, all on your own.

1) You have to have somewhere to put all of those little accessories. Ties, belts, scarves, socks, even underwear and swimwear are commonly kept in the closet. Unfortunately, they can get mixed up and make your closet look like a disaster. One common mistake that people make is that they try to use containers that are too small for the amount of stuff that they have. Using specialty hangers is a great option. Belt hangers,scarf hangers, and other accessory organizer hangers are inexpensive and take up such little room in your closet. This can free up shelves for stacking folded t-shirts or storing out of season clothes.

2) Choosing the right hanger is important for making your clothes hang right in the closet. If you have room, choose ones that have a slight curvature to the body. This gives a nice, soft appearance to your clothes hanging on the bar and keeps each item slightly separated to prevent wrinkles. Flat hangers are perfect for saving space and also look very nice if you stock your closet with them. Get rid of ones that don't match. Uniformity is the best way to make your closet instantly look neater.

3) Another way to make your closet look nice is to only use containers that hide the amount of stuff you have in them. Shoe boxes that are clear and plastic are great for keeping shoes neatly stacked instead of in a pile on the floor. Clear is great, here, because you need to see which shoes are inside of which box. But for other items, like socks, make sure that the container is not see-through. You don’t want to create the illusion of clutter when it's not even there.

4) You should always use wooden hangers for suits and coats. These clothes hangers are specifically designed to keep the shape of the shoulders in your coats and suits. Protecting clothes from sagging by selecting the right clothing hangers will help your closet to always look neat and tidy.

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