Choosing the right closet accessories can help you to keep your closet neat and organized. But, before you run out and buy a lot of baskets and bins, consider which accessories may actually take up more space and which ones will be too difficult to use. Personalizing your closet so that it suits your specific needs is the way to go. Use this guide to closet accessories to help you consider everything before you buy or organize. Many times, you don't need a lot of new products. Typically, most closets can be organized with a few specialty hangers, a couple of shelves, and just a few bins or buckets for smaller storage items.

1) Use wooden hangers for your heavier coats, suits, and tailored outfits to protect them from damage. These items, especially dry clean only items, often have fabrics and glues that will deteriorate if they get wet. They can also shift, melt, or the fabric will change texture if you iron them. They may also have dyes that will run or change if they are exposed to moisture or wetness. Cedar hangers and curved, wide-shouldered hangers are perfect for these items. They help your clothes to keep their shape, are sturdy enough to withstand heavy items, and absorb moisture from the air to protect the delicate fabrics and dyes of your more expensive wardrobe pieces.

2) Space saving hangers are great for fitting a lot of items in a small closet. These items are typically flat in design, lightweight, and can cascade from each other to coordinate outfits and make extra space in your closet. We love cascading hangers because they are very easy to use and allow you to keep matching items together. Having your outfits hung neatly and ready to wear saves you time as well as space. You can even save money because you won't have to replace items that you simply can't find.

3) Specialty pants and skirt hangers that allow you to hang multiple items from one clothes hanger are perfect for keeping things organized and wrinkle free. Many of these will hold four or five pairs of pants, skirts, shorts, shirts or other hanging items. Because they hang flat against each other, you won't have to worry about wrinkles. Choose ones with non-snag clips or textured bars so that your clothes don't end up on the floor. Some even have an extra hook at the bottom so that you can temporarily hang the other end making your clothing easily accessible.

Using specialty clothes hangers will keep you from having to invest in expensive closet systems or multiple containers that are hard to keep straight. Having an organized closet has never been so easy or inexpensive.

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