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The question isn't whether or not you spoil your dog, it's whether or not you spoil her enough! In my opinion, as long as a dog is well behaved, then there is no such thing as too much pampering. A properly pampered pooch will be confident, loving, poised, and of course, look fabulous. Use these tips to make sure that your dog not only looks spoiled, but feels spoiled as well. After all, it's all about her!


Properly Pamper Your Puppy Princess


Your dog is a reflection of you. Every diva pup must be properly trained, not only to exhibit her best manners in public, but to be a happy dog. Doting on her with human luxuries is fun and will give you and your pet a special bond, but remember that she is actually a dog first and speaking her language for her basic needs will make her confident and well behaved. It is okay to treat her like she rules the roost, but a dog's instinct is to follow a leader. If you let her know with your body language and obedience training that you are actually her leader, then she will exhibit poise and grace instead of behaviors that not only embarrass you, but hurt her royal image and reputation.

Social Life

Being a socialite is as much in a dog's nature as it is in a human's. Therefore, it is important to take her on frequent trips to dog friendly locations, such as stores and restaurants that allow dogs, doggie day care, dog parks, doggie spas, and of course, dog parties. If she's properly trained and knows that you are the boss, then she won't instigate embarrassing behaviors such as biting, growling, constant barking, or mounting. Make sure that she is properly introduced to all sizes of dogs so that she is not a piddling timid mess, but a cool and confident diva.

Special Treatment

To raise a special dog, you have to treat her as if she's special, of course! You can "spoil" your puppy from the beginning without "spoiling" her chance at becoming the envy of all other dogs and dog owners. You want a happy and loving, well groomed and dressed, sweet little pampered sweetheart, not a demanding demon that rules the roost by eating your shoes and furniture, biting other animals and terrorizing your friends and family. Use special treats, such as fresh bakery all-organic doggie biscuits and fresh foods for training and rewards. Groom her, love her, and take her out for things that she loves on a regular basis.

Spa Days

Dog massages, dog manicures, dog pedicures, doggie yoga, dog spa swimming pools and more can be a fun way for you and your special girl to bond. If you don't have a doggie spa close, you can have spa days at home or with friends and other pampered pooches.


A properly spoiled pup will have lots of designer doggie couture. Jewelry, hair accessories, and special occasion outfits are a must. If your dog has a special bed, then she also needs a special section of your closet or her own armoire for storing her precious wardrobe. Make sure that you don't skimp out on the dog clothes hangers. Protect your investment in her outfits by choosing wooden, high quality dog coat hangers and other closet accessories that give her special clothes the treatment in storage that they deserve.