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Hangers come in a huge variety of styles, qualities, and types. Knowing which hangers are designed for the specific need that you have will help you to protect your clothing. They can also help you to save time, energy and space. They can even save you money by keeping everything in order. No more buying extra clothing because you can't find that shirt that you know you used to have.

1) Using cedar wooden hangers is an easy way to protect coats and suits while adding style and sophistication to your closet. Cedar offers many benefits that many people have enjoyed in their closets for centuries. Cedar has a beautiful wood grain that is unlike any other wood. The scent of the cedar is fresh and keeps mustiness away. It doesn't just mask odors, but it actually absorbs odor causing moisture from the air. Cedar repels many common pests that can invade your closets. It's not just about moths, but cockroaches, silverfish and spiders as well. Choosing multiple sizes and curvatures of your hangers will help your closet to look fantastic while keeping your expensive clothing safe as well.

2) Bamboo hangers are great for the environmentally conscious consumer. They are very lightweight, but have a fiber tensile strength as strong as steel. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. It reproduces very quickly because it is actually a grass, not a tree. It can be harvested and return to its full-grown state in about five years. This renewable natural resource is becoming increasingly popular with the eco-conscious consumer. There are no toxic stains or lacquers used in the process of making bamboo hangers. They are actually heated to cause the sugars in the bamboo to caramelize, giving them a beautiful wood grain that is perfect for any closet style.

3) Plastic clothes hangers are a great choice for people looking for an economical way to stock their closets. Today's polymers and acrylics are very strong. If you find a good quality plastic hanger that you like, be sure to invest in a lot of different styles so that all of your clothes have a perfect place to hang. Notches, hooks, and clips should have smooth, snag-free surfaces. Check around a little before you buy and you can find some really good prices on some high quality plastic hangers.

When you find what works best for you, your closet and wardrobe will stay protected, organized and stylish.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for well made garment hangers and closet accessories.