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Are you wondering how in the world you are going to organize all those shoes? We have different shoes for different occasions, seasons, specific outfits, and even our moods. The average person in their twenties owns around fifteen pairs of shoes. Because our feet never really change sizes, shoes wear out, our needs change, and fashion dictates, we accumulate more and more shoes as we age. The average fifty year old woman can own over fifty pairs of shoes! It's important to find ways to keep your shoes organized. Not only so that you can keep them in good shape, but because a shoe mountain in the bottom of your closet can be a big problem.

Boxes: The most popular option for storing shoes today is to put them into clear plastic boxes. These boxes are really inexpensive, around a dollar each, and can last you a lifetime. Choose ones that are clear enough for you to see what is inside. Stackable ones are best and you can put them almost anywhere. If you don't prefer clear, label the boxes with photos or other labels so that you can keep track of your shoes.

Cubby System: Small, cubby-hole style shelving is very useful for storing shoes. You can add them to the front corners of your closet, around the floor, wherever you have a little bit of space. Vary the sizes of the openings so that you can fit boots, tennis shoes, flip flops, and slippers inside.

Hanging Clips: Chrome hanging clips are great for getting boots up off of the floor. Most shoe organizers don't have big enough spaces for boots. Hanging them keeps them from getting crushed and crumpled in the bottom of the closet. Choose a high quality hanging boot clip that won't imprint or scratch the finish on your boots.

Shoe Drawers: Have you ever thought about putting your shoes into drawers? Installing drawers in your closet will give you inconspicuous storage for your shoes. Plus, the dust is kept off of them when they are stored in drawers. You can also get drawers that slide underneath your bed, freeing up space in your closet.

Over the Door Shoe Organizers: They may not be the most attractive option, but over the door shoe organizers are still one of the most popular shoe organization options out there. Mainly because they are quick and easy to use, they are very inexpensive, and they help to save space in the closet.

When your shoes are organized, you can move on to the rest of the closet. Since shoes make up a lot of the bulk in your closet, getting them organized first is a great idea. Then, you can use high quality clothes hangers, like wooden hangers or other high-end clothing hangers, to finish out your closet. You'll be surprised how uniform and neat your closet will look with just a few matching hangers and a good shoe organization system.

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