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Learn how to organize before cleaning so that your cleaning efforts are not in vain.

Schedule in time for organizing during your regular household tasks. Great information from Only Hangers for making housework less painful and time consuming.

Does your housework never seem to end? Are things that you have already cleaned destroyed by the time you are done cleaning? This is generally because of a lack of preparation and organization. Including organizing as part of your daily tasks will help your cleaning efforts to last longer. Use the following tips for creating the correct amount of storage space for commonly hard-to-manage items around your home. If everything has a place to go and items that you use a lot are easy to access, then messes are far less likely to happen.

1) First, evaluate what you have to clean up on a daily basis. Are the kids' backpacks and school supplies scattered? Do you spend time looking for shoes, jackets, or lunchboxes on busy school mornings? Creating a space just for these things will solve the problem for you, making crazy mornings a thing of the past. Make sure that you make the space easy to use and access so that the kids are likely to actually use it!

2) Are everyone's shoes lying all around the house? We have a hard time keeping shoes where they belong at our house because we all like to kick them off wherever we sit down. We've tried making a rule that your shoes must come off when you enter the house, in the designated area, but all of us are guilty of simply not doing it. So, we came up with another solution. We put baskets underneath the end tables at each side of the couch, one under the computer desk, and one underneath the homework desk. Just an open-top basket that is only about 4" deep. I put another smaller basket inside of it for socks so that they can be easily gathered when it's time to do laundry. Since the baskets are so easy to access, we're all using them.

3) The last thing I did to include organizing in my housework was I came up with a good closet system. Not an expensive built-in that may not adjust to my needs as the seasons change, but just a few closet accessories that made organization and laundry duty a breeze. I did invest a little in a rolling garment rack so that I could transport things on the hangers straight from the dryer to each closet in the house. I use the basket underneath the rolling rack to gather dirty laundry and bring it back to the laundry room. I got a lot of coordinate hangers that hold pants and tops so that I could pair up pants and shirts for the kids, making school mornings a dream. I got a few suit hangers and dress hangers for our work clothes, and some children's hangers for the little ones. I love the ones that are flat and velvet coated. These space saving hangers are amazing and help me to fit all of the clothes, summer and winter, into the closet. No more swapping out summer and winter wardrobes! I can't explain how much this has helped to keep our closets organized year-round.

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