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Black and white, classy and vintage, refined and regal, these descriptions sound great and add a touch of glamour to our living spaces. I was a fan myself and my home was a testimony to that. But reading some great home decor blogs and seeing bright and happy colors in friends' homes stirred a desire in me to do something different with my abode. I decided to experiment with colors I had never touched before.

Luckily for me, my experiment paid off well and I have a beautiful, well-lit, and (for the lack of a happier word) a delightful home now! Basically, I gave my black and white interiors a break and welcomed a few vibrant colors into my home-pinks, reds and yellows. Lots of them!

Are you wondering if these colors can work for your house? The answer is yes, and you'd be surprised to know just how well. So make yourself a hot cup of coffee and settle into your couch with your iPad as I tell you how to bring color and cheer into your home.

Get Ready for Red

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What does the color red bring to your mind?

Excitement, passion, energy? Well, that is exactly the vibe I wanted in my house. I wanted to come home to something that infused life in me after a long and tiring day. A friend of mine suggested I add a bit of color and fun to my living room, something that would stoke the imagination as well as perk me up. He suggested experimenting with red. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. The results have been fantastic!

A Touch of the Orient

Painting the living room red or bringing in lots of bold red furniture was a bit too adventurous for me. So I decided to start small. I replaced my black and white striped rug with a red and white rug (yes, my love for white continues). I fell in love with this rich red chinoiserie rug, which brought elegance and positivity to the room and complemented the white sofas and couch beautifully. It also made me realize that nothing brings out the beauty of white better than red.

These are some fun ways to add red to your living room:

1. Red walls work great for both compact as well as large rooms. In smaller living rooms where you do not get much light, have one of the walls painted in red. An oak or white fireplace would provide a brilliant contrast.

2. Grey, white, black and wooden furniture looks glamorous and charming with a dash of red. Including red cushion covers, red upholstered tables, curtains and artifacts, and paintings and home decor pieces where the color dominates will keep your living room looking beautiful while also making you feel powerful. Red is associated with power, after all.

3. For all you nature enthusiasts, fresh red flowers arranged in vases or left floating on water is a timeless way to infuse color and freshness into your decor.

Letting the Color of Love and Passion Adorn Your Bedroom

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The charm of red need not be confined to the living room either. You already know the magic the color holds. Wouldn't you love some of it in your bedroom too?

Here are some interesting ways of incorporating red into your bedroom:

1. Retain the sophistication but switch on the glamor with subtle red accents in the bedroom. Hints of red on vintage artwork or in upholstery like pillow covers and cushion covers create romance.

2. I would recommend going all the way by painting your walls red, enhanced by red rugs and red artwork. Let love and passion take over! Just make sure you use different shades of red to break the monotony and add an element of luxury to the room.

Say Yes to Yellow

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Yellow has always meant spring to me. Cheerful and lovely, yes, but what do I do with it? Fortunately, I recently discovered that the color is synonymous with many other things besides spring. And guess what? It has always been a favorite with interior designers! Why? Because yellow is an energetic and happy color that can transform the dullest of the interiors into something picture perfect!

Create a vibrant and lively home with yellow by using it in your porch, living room, kitchen, or the bedroom.

A Sunny and Happy Setting

Yellow is great for hallways, entrances and porches. A yellow front door will stand out and impart a happy and welcoming feel.

Yellow being a bright color makes smaller places look bigger, which makes it an ideal shade for tight spaces.

Be imaginative and intelligent and pick the right shade of yellow for your home to create a sunny and happy setting.

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Experiment with hues of yellow to give a zesty touch to your bathroom. The yellow wall and floors make quite a stylish statement in this bathroom

In the Kitchen

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Whether you have a compact eat-in kitchen or a big cooking area, using yellow in a generous measure will make dining and cooking an even more enjoyable experience.

Blend the bright with the subtle-this is a good idea when using bright yellow in your kitchen. If you are opting for yellow cabinets or walls, team them up with oak and mahogany floors and a granite backsplash.

However, if you feel skeptical including so much yellow, you can always opt for clever yellow accents. That's what I did. Take inspiration from the picture below.

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The yellow chairs complement the black doors and the turquoise vase and curtains well.

Perfect Partner to Other Colors

Anyone who has an eye for artistic details will notice that yellow doesn't just look good with most other colors, it makes them look better.

When you want to add a touch of softness and warmth to a minimalistic decor, opt for the lemony shade of yellow. Introduce yellow in the form of curtains, rugs, a storage cabinet, or simply a lounge chair.

Finally, remember that yellow can be extremely overwhelming and must be used in your decor with caution. Yellow is like a shot of tequila that has you buzzing in no time but a binge will only result in a nasty hangover.

It's those cozy corners and paintings with yellow frames, the vintage bookcase, or the yellow mantel that make us drool; drowning a room in yellow, however, will only result in crankiness and irritability all around.

Moving into a Pink Paradise

Move over feminine and sweet, this color has come into its own in fashion and interior decoration circles, and many connoisseurs of art and all things classic are welcoming it into their homes with open arms.

Hot Pink for the Pretty Young Thing

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They don't call it hot pink for nothing. This color has the ability to make anything look sensuous and sexy. If you are a single girl living in the city, and lucky enough to have a place of your own, go wild with pink in your home!

Have that hot pink room you've always desired. Paint the walls in this shade. Metal and wood furniture looks great with pink walls or carpets. If you have black floors and black upholstered furniture in your room, a mantel or a dresser in hot pink will create a dramatic impact.

Have a frosted glass-door wardrobe that allows a peek-a-boo into your proud collection of designer clothes and accessories. It will be both stylish and functional. Invest in glamorous pink or satin hangers to arrange and preserve your clothes. The pink of the hangers visible through the glass doors will instantly raise the style quotient of the room. Chic and classy! You will, however, have to make sure that your wardrobe is well-organized at all times, especially when you are expecting company. A messy wardrobe would just kill the effect we are trying to achieve with this arrangement.

When Pink Spells Sophistication

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Soft pinks, whites, and pastels are some of the most relaxing and calming colors to include in home decor. Baby pink or light pink accents in your bedroom would look fabulous. And ladies, your husbands won't complain if the pink is of the right shade, in the right proportion, of the right design, and in the right place. Strike a balance with pink and soon the sophisticated, subtle and soothing nature of the color will mesmerize your man.

Pops of Pink

This dynamic color has the ability to transform the most boring and dull of the rooms into stunners. Include pops of pink in your living room in the form of curtains, photo frames, a single oversized chair, the couch by the window, or just a lamp. The shade of pink you choose can border on red or have strong undertones of lilac and purple. Choose wisely from the vast and diverse family of pink.

If you want to use pink in your bathroom, think of pink wall papers, pink paintings or light pink ceramic for the bathtub. However, light pink ceilings in bathrooms are show stealers. Fresh pink flowers are also a great way to spruce up any space.

To Conclude

Home is where the heart is, and it's also where we spend most of our quality and personal time. So investing time, money, and a little thought into setting it up beautifully is totally worth it. Colors add joy, fun, and meaning to our lives. Using the right colors in our home and making it a beautiful place to live in is an enjoyable process, therapeutic even.

I hope this was a good read for you and you have found ideas that stimulated the designer in you. We would love to hear from you if you try out any of these ideas for your home or have new and fabulous suggestions of your own for incorporating pinks, reds and yellows into your decor.

Till then I leave you with a few fantastic blogs that will be a great read for those interested in all things beautiful, fine, and unique about home decor.