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Your bedroom is your safe-haven; your place for slumber; your palace of peace. If you think about it, you really spend almost half of your life in there. Sometimes our bedrooms become neglected because they're "out of sight, out of mind". However, when you really start to think about how much time you spend in your bedroom, for many things besides sleeping, then it becomes more apparent that some time should be spent organizing, decorating, and appreciating this special space.

Take a look around and make a list of everything that you do in your room. What do you need storage for? Where could you use an extra wastebasket? Where does the laundry go? You may have supplies and even a bed for a baby, plus your lip balm, medications, glasses, reading materials, and more surrounding your bed. If you have a TV in the bedroom, you may have remotes, DVD's, games and toys lying around. Beauty products, mail, magazines and hobby materials can make the room even more of a nightmare. Almost everyone has a laptop that they use in the bed and a treadmill that acts as a place for laundry to live.

Wow. When you make a full list, it's no wonder that this particular room can become a crazy place for clutter to live. Many people do more living in their bedrooms than they do in their living rooms. Take a look at your list and think about what you would rather use your bedroom for. Most people would ideally like for their bedrooms to be only for sleeping and getting dressed.

To accomplish this, serene, organized environment, you'll have to prioritize. Try to get things like arts and crafts confined to one work area or out of the room all together. Clean off surfaces and make places for things like medications, reading materials, mail, and beauty products. Making sure that each category of items has a place to go will help you to keep them out of sight and organized. Keep things that normally get mixed up far enough apart so that it's easier to control the clutter. If something never seems to stay in its place and ends up on your bedside table or dresser, consider moving it closer to that area so that when you use it you don't move it far from where it goes.

Clothing is often a big problem in bedrooms. Laundry comes in and goes out, but sometimes stays in between, cluttering up your bedroom. Try getting laundry folded near your washer and dryer so that baskets of clean, unfolded clothes don't get mixed with dirty ones in your room. You may even consider installing a hanging rod near the dryer so that you can hang your clean laundry on clothes hangers as soon as they're done. A rolling garment rack is great for transporting clean clothes from the laundry area directly to your closet. By using hangers, you can avoid wrinkles in clothes that don't immediately get put away and it'll be easier to quickly put them away when you're done. If you prefer to fold most of your clothes, handy folding boards make the job quick and easy.

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