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Has your closet been a disaster since summer began? Summer brings all sorts of new things to organize that you didn't have to deal with over the winter. Use these tips for getting things in order so that you can have a closet that is care-free and easy to manage this summer.

First, you need to make sure that you properly store your winter clothing. Coats and suits should be cleaned before being stored. Wool items can be brushed if they do not necessarily need to be cleaned. Moths and other pests are attracted to the body oils that you left on these items when you wore them. Having them cleaned will keep pests away from your storage areas and closets.

Make sure that you store winter clothes in areas that are not hot or humid. Underneath the bed is a great place for this. Make sure that anything you are putting into a sealed container is completely dry. You can even leave one corner of your storage bags or bins open so that air can circulate. If there is any moisture at all in the clothing, even moisture from humidity, then your clothes will smell musty when you take them out. This is because they are growing mold and mildew spores while in storage. If you store your winter clothing correctly, you should pull them out to smell exactly how they did when you put them in.

Now take a look at your empty closet and assess what types of summer clothes you will need to store. T-shirts, tank tops, exercise clothing, sandals, swim wear, swimsuit cover-ups, and more may be going into your closet.

Shorts can be hung on pant hangers or stacked neatly on a shelf. Your t-shirts can be hung or folded into neat stacks. Use hangers with clips or a nice gripping surface for your tank tops or items with spaghetti straps. Since summer clothing is lighter and smaller than winter clothing, you will want to make sure that you have hangers that won't allow them to slip and move around, or they'll end up on the floor.

For skirts and shorts, you can use pants hangers or skirt hangers that let you hang multiple items from one clothes hanger. There are even lingerie hangers and circular bikini hangers that are perfect for organizing swim wear. You may even choose to use a tie hanger for hanging swimsuits for drying or for storage. When everything in your summer wardrobe has a place, your summer closet will be a joy to use.

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