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Are you tired of replacing broken hangers, flimsy baskets, and shoddy shelving? Investing a little extra in your closet can save you lots of time and money in the long run. Press board shelving held together by tiny pegs is not really designed to last a lifetime. Higher quality, wooden shelving or modern coated wire shelving, is designed to last for many more years. Your closet accessories can also be made for the manufacturer to make a quick buck or to provide quality craftsmanship that results in products that you can depend on. Use these ideas for making smarter decisions about your closet so that you don't end up buying closet shelving and accessories over and over again in your lifetime.

1) Wire shelving is much sturdier than it used to be. Have you ever had that wire shelving system that is held together by tiny plastic clips? Those shelves offered an economical way for people to get their closets organized. Unfortunately, the quality just didn't withstand the test of time. Modern wire shelving systems use steel slats that are securely fastened to studs in your closet walls. These runners are installed vertically and have slots for securing shelves in at many different levels. Using wire shelving like this makes your closet fully customizable. It's great to have options as your wardrobe changes between seasons or over time.

2) Wooden shelves are far superior to press board shelves. They can be finished with many different stains, varnishes, or paints. This helps to protect them against the warping and crumbling that you may have experienced with laminate press board systems in the past. Wooden systems are more expensive, but the prices of them are actually coming down. Because they're so readily available now, you can invest in a small portion at a time so that you don't feel the pinch all at once. This type of investment can help you to create a beautiful closet that will last you a lifetime.

3) Bins and storage baskets are great for storing extra garments, but some are really flimsy and light. When you buy a container for storage, keep in mind that it needs to last you forever. Don't buy plastic containers that have really thin sides or lids. You want the lids to create an airtight seal so that you never have to worry about moisture, mold and mildew or pests invading your stored items.

4) Investing a little extra in the right size and shape of your clothing hangers is a great idea too. Not only do higher quality clothing hangers protect the shape of your clothes, but they will also last you for many more years. Keep these ideas in mind when you shop for your closet storage solutions and you may find that you never have to do it again!

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for well made clothing hangers. For more information, please visit