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If you live in a dorm room, you need to efficiently use the little space that you have. Dorms usually only have a small closet and maybe a few drawers for storage. Living in a dorm means that you have to somehow store and organize everything that you need to live in a very small amount of space. Use these storage solutions so that you can maximize the space that you have.

One place that can be used is under the bed. Place risers or blocks underneath the bed legs to make more space underneath. If your bed is on casters, remove the wheels before you do this. Use plastic containers with lids or tops to store extra bedding, out of season clothes, and bulky sports equipment. You may even want to store your shoes under there to save room in your closet for other things. If you have a lot of extra pillows, stuffed animals, or comforters, you can hang them in a net. These are sometimes called a "pet net" and go in a corner, up high, out of the way. Cover them with a cloth, towel, or sheet to keep dust off.

Your closet may be small, but you can fix it up in a way that will help you stay organized. Don't just hang your clothes on the bar and throw your shoes on the floor. The square footage that you have can be used in better ways. A small dresser or plastic drawer organizer can be really handy. You can keep your socks, underwear, swimwear, and more in these small drawers.

Adding shelves to your closet can create lots of space, too. If you don't really need to hang your clothes, you may be able to fit them better on shelves. T-shirts, shorts, pajamas, and jeans don't really need to hang, so see if you can fit more of them in stacks on the shelves. If you can, get shelves that go up to the bar.

Shelves are also great for organizing all of those little things that aren't necessarily clothes. For instance, you can store hair rollers, camera equipment, books, chargers, video games, movies and more on shelves. Use baskets or other containers to keep everything separated and in order. This will help you to keep down the clutter in the room.

If you want to hang your clothes, there are a lot of ways to do it that save space. Don't think that you have to use old wire hangers to hang everything close together. These types of hangers get tangled and crossed up on the bar. They can snag your clothes, or bend, causing your clothing to end up on the floor. Use clothes hangers that utilize space well. Cascading hangers are really useful for hanging a few skirts, pants, or shorts on one hanger. Hangers that have clips can be used to coordinate outfits and double the space in your closet. A good wood hanger or coat hanger can protect your suits and coats in a tight space. Choosing the right clothes hangers can make more space in your closet than you thought possible.