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You can create the look and functionality of a custom closet in your master suite using high end modular pieces and closet accessories. The master bedroom closet is often used to store a lot more than clothing. Make the most of your closet by using these organizational and closet improvement tips. You can even use modular pieces outside of the closet creating even more storage in your master suite.

1) First, choose your style. There are lots of styles to choose from. You can go contemporary with black wood, frosted glass, and nickel hardware. Or, you might decide to go the "eco-friendly" route and select bamboo shelving, cabinets and drawers. Of course, there is always luxurious cedar, which gives your closet a fresh and light scent while protecting your clothes from insects and moisture. There are many wood varieties to choose from that are sure to match your style and taste.

2) Decide what types of storage you need. Make an inventory list of what you want to be kept in drawers, baskets, on shelves, behind cabinets, and hung on hangers. Jot down an estimate of how much space you'll need for each thing. Don't forget to include things like your out-of-season wardrobe, shoes, luggage, and other items that you want to store in your closet.

3) Shop around for the modular pieces that you like best. There are many places online that sell individual pieces that you can install yourself. You may want to visit home improvement stores and check out the quality for yourself. Another option is to hire a professional closet organizer to help you decide the best way to stretch your budget. Sometimes professionals have access to discount and wholesale prices, helping you to offset the amount that you spend on the consultation.

4) Now is the time to consider moving some cabinetry, a hanging bar, and/or some shelving outside of the closet. Armoires and wardrobe closets are also nice to have in the master bedroom. These types of storage systems look nice and give you extra space for bedding and other bulky items. It is much easier to keep your closet organized when everything has a place.

5) Now stock up on some closet accessories that will make the task of staying organized a lot easier. Choose your clothing hangers based on your needs. Hangers are designed with specific functions in mind. Wooden hangers are certainly best for coats, suits, and just about anything else. Your clothes hangers should meet your function and style needs. Specialty hangers or racks are great for keeping ties, belts and purses organized.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers. A leading manufacturer and wholesaler of quality, well made garment hangers.