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There are a lot of ways to organize scarves. I've seen lots of people use shower curtain rings to hang scarves from a hanger. I have done this myself and it ended up a big mess. The rings slide and all the scarves end up bunched on one end. This makes the hanger too heavy in one spot, then it breaks or flips up off the bar. Not good enough. I tried keeping the rings in place with clothes pins, but it was so hideous that I just had to start over.

I've seen people use over-the-door shoe organizers, but, I don't really want my scarves crammed and wrinkled up inside of it. I've seen people put them in baskets or tiny drawers. Again, too many wrinkles. I saw beautiful pictures of scarves knotted on a quilt rack and thought, "How pretty," only to discover that I didn't want that big thing in the middle of my bedroom, and again, the knots made terrible wrinkles no matter how loosely I tied them. I saw someone use those plastic rings that come around a six-pack of soda, but, no thank you. Way too ugly.

So, I thought I should go back to the drawing board. How do you make scarves stay put, organized, wrinkle-free, and look stylish? Well, I found two options that I liked. The Only Hangers Scarf Hangers are stylish, beautiful, high quality, and my scarves don't slip out of them. I was really happy with a couple of these in my closet until the new "Little Black Dress" Scarf Hangers hit the site! I had to order one IMMEDIATELY. It works perfectly and goes great with the girly "boudoir" theme that I've got going on in my closet. I've been showing it off like crazy and everyone is jealous enough to order their own. You have just got to see it in person to really appreciate how cute it is!