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The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping. 


With fall now in full swing and winter right around the corner scarves will be the sophisticated accessory that no lady can be without!

Organizing scarves so they can be easily viewed and accessible has always been a challenge. Let's face it life is hectic and it seems like we are always rushing around like crazy to make it to work on time, appointments, dinner dates, you name it! Organizing your wardrobe and accessories is an essential element in saving you time in getting ready. When it comes to scarf storage in the closet, most ladies simply store them in drawers or in bins. Then when it comes time to find the perfect matching scarf for the night out on the town they end up wasting precious moments digging around looking for just the right one. And as Sweet Brown would say "Oh Lord Jesus! Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Only Hangers is pleased to introduce (6) new scarf organizers that we're sure you ladies are going to love. Not only for their functionality but their elegance as well. Please take a look at our new scarf hangers and let us know what you think.

1) Little Black Dress Scarf Hanger 

Imagine all of your scarves completing the bottom of this little black dress! All of them within plain view and easily accessible from both sides thanks to the swivel hanger hook. This little black dress scarf hanger will easily accommodate up to sixteen of your favorite scarves.


2) Little Black Dress Scarf Organizing Hanger

This scarf hanger is designed for ladies with larger collections as it will hold up to 26 scarves! Here again the swivel hook makes viewing of scarves from both sides a breeze. These hangers can be hung from the closet rod or behind the closet door on a hook. The little black dress scarf organizing hanger is the must have closet accessory!


3) The Over The Door "Fleur" Scarf  Hanger

Closet space for most of us is never enough so making use of every possible area in the closet is essential. This over the door scarf hanger creates a beautiful and space saving way to organize and store your collection of scarves. This scarf and accessory organizer fits over most doors and comes complete with the hooks for hanging. Save space and get organized with the beautiful new Over the Door Scarf Hanger.


4) The Ivy Scarf Hanger

The classic leaf motif of this elegant ivy scarf hanger is sure to add a unique design element to any closet. These chrome plated metal scarf hangers will hold up to (12) scarves or accessories.


5) The Hearts Scarf Organizer

This scarf hanger is sure to be a favorite! Playful and useful the is both. This chrome plated metal heart scarf hanger brings a sense of whimsy to any closet!


6) Natural Wooden Scarf  Hanger

Not new but definitely deserves to make the list as one of our favorite hangers for scarves! This classic wooden design is very popular and looks very elegant in the closet. These wooden scarf hangers are available in light or rich walnut finish and will accommodate up to 10 scarves.


About the Author: Ron Maier is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for clothing hangers in wood, plastic or metal.  Visit Only Hangers today for the highest quality, lowest priced clothing hangers available!