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Closets can get to be a real mess. Having the right arrangement of shelving paired with the right closet accessories can help you to get your closet straight. If you are starting from scratch, then there are really a lot of things you can do. Use these tips to determine which steps should work best for your wardrobe and your closet.

1) A system that consists of different shelf levels, bars, cubbies, and hooks is generally most useful. Smaller spaces mean that you will be able to categorize items into smaller and smaller piles, making it less likely that you will end up with one giant heap on a shelf. Keeping the spaces small is key. You may need to categorize your clothes and measure how much space you would like for each category before you begin. Varying the heights of the shelves and bars will actually make your closet appear neater. Not only does it break up the lines, but it keeps varying sizes of piles from looking like they should be uniform, making the look more solid.

2) Don’t forget to account for your out-of-season wardrobe. If you arrange your closet system to be perfect for your summer clothing, you may be terribly disappointed when the time comes for winter clothes. If your space isn’t accommodating enough to leave both wardrobes out year-round, then you will need to make sure that it works for all seasons.

3) If you have a reach-in closet, here’s an idea that you may not have considered. You can buy organization systems consisting of shelves and rods that are mounted on casters. You can roll the entire system into and out of the closet. Before you start thinking that this is a silly idea, consider this; you can load one system with your summer wardrobe and one with your winter wardrobe. When it’s time to make the switch, simply roll the current one out, place a cover, like a garment rack cover, over it and store it in a spare room or corner of the room that you don’t use. Roll the next on in and you’re done!

4) The right closet accessories can make your closet look great, but it can make it more usable, too. Once you have the baskets, shoe rack, hooks and racks that you need installed in the closet, take a look at your clothes hangers. Most people have a varying assortment of wire and plastic hangers that just look terrible. You can make your closet look great with a complete set of nice wooden hangers and some sturdy heavyweight coat hangers. When your closet is done, you’ll be so happy that you decided to make this change! An organized closet makes for a happy owner.

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