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It takes more than a nice computer desk to get an office organized. Many people have trouble keeping their things organized, but in a small office, home office, or an office that will be visited by customers or clients is especially hard to keep straight. Use these ideas to make your office look neat while keeping everything in a place where it will be safe and easily accessible.

-Cabinets: Cabinets are great for hiding bulky things that take up space. You can use cabinets virtually anywhere in the room to store things like computer paper, computer discs, work manuals, and more. Using cabinets to hide your printer, scanner, copier, or central processing unit is a good idea if you have proper ventilation. This helps to keep dust off of your equipment and also helps to hide cords and other things that can make the office look cluttered.

-Shelving: Shelves are great for storing books that you may need to reference. If your office will be visited by the public, try to keep it professional. Avoid paperback novels and other books that you read for personal enjoyment. Books that pertain to your profession are appropriate here. Shelving is also a great way to display your awards, credentials, and achievement certificates. This will give your office a professional look and feel. Feel free to throw in a few pictures of your family to give the office a more personal touch.

-Hang It: Many things that take up space in an office can actually be hung on the wall. Incoming and outgoing mail, your calendar, your clock, and many other little things that might be living on your computer desk can actually go on the wall. This can help you to free up some space on your desk for things that you can't hang.

-Decorate: You don't want your office to be too stuffy. Using light colored decor, or bright accents can keep your office from looking too gloomy. Invest a little in some nice flower arrangements, a big mirror to open up the space, or an interesting rug to draw positive attention. If children may be coming in with your clients, make them more comfortable by providing a small bin of toys, books, or other things to keep them entertained. Parents really appreciate being given the opportunity to do business without having to make sure that their children aren't getting into things.

-Functional Extras: Think about what piles up in your office even after it's organized. Provide a place for yourself and your clients to hang their coats when they come in. Use high end clothes hangers on a hanging bar by the entrance to your office. Don't put flimsy hangers here, use a sturdy wood hanger or coat hanger so that your customers know that you care.