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Is your garage a disaster area? Now that summer is over, the weather is cooler, and it's time to store away gardening and lawn care equipment. Your garage is probably full of dead grass and dirt from your summer activities. These things can pose a fire hazard and also be very attractive to pests looking for a warm place to go this winter. Get the garage cleaned up and organized using these handy tips for garage organization.

1) Put away the summer tools first. Most lawn mowers have a receptacle for rinsing off the blades. This attachment allows you to screw on a garden hose and turn the water on full blast. Look underneath to make sure that you got everything and let the lawn mower dry before putting it back into the garage. Cover the lawn mower if you wish to make the space look more tidy.

2) Gardening tools, such as shovels, rakes, and other long items can be stored on the wall so that they are not constantly falling over in the middle of the garage. These can be dangerous if you step on them or trip over them, so you want to make sure that they are properly stored. Again, rinse them off so that they're not dropping dirt and debris on your garage floor. Get a hanging clip garden tool organizer to hang these things on the wall. This is a very simple way to organize gardening tools and it only costs a few bucks.

3) Many people have cluttered garage areas because they use some tools and other items quite regularly. These items seem to get left lying around instead of being put up. This is because when we use a tool for a quick fix, we may be in a hurry to get back to our project. We use something so much that we get tired of going through the whole process of putting it back where it belongs. Make and easy place to stash things like this. Install a couple of shelves near the garage door where you can set things down that you'll need again soon.

4) You probably keep your yard working clothes and shoes in the garage so that you don't bring mud and dirt into the house. Getting these things up off of the floor is a good way to de-clutter the space. Rinse them off and then make a little area for hanging them up. You can use wire shelving that has a hanging bar on the bottom. Put containers across the shelf for gloves. Hang work clothes with some sturdy plastic hangers. Use boot hangers or clip hangers to hang shoes to dry. Keeping everything off of the floor will make the whole garage area look nicer.