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Is your kid's room a disaster area right now? A lot of parents feel overwhelmed this time of year because the kids are cooped up with the cold weather outside and they just acquired a lot of new toys and clothes for Christmas. It's a great time to ring in the New Year right with some great organization tips for parents and kids. Teach children to organize their rooms and closets using children's hangers and other kid-friendly items.

Store Summer Clothes in Just a Few Inches of Space

If you haven't done it yet, it's a great time to get rid of old clothes and toys that have been outgrown and organize with the new stuff. Make sure that summer items are packed away and stored. You can cascade children's hangers from each other and hang summer clothes in long strings from one sturdy children's hanger. Then, put the clothes into garment bags and store them in the back of the closet. Several items can be stored in one garment bag, so it makes it easy to put everything away for the winter while only using a few inches of space on the hanging bar. Save those shelves for some of those new toys.

Get Creative with Stuffed Toy Storage

Does your child have about 20 cubic feet of stuffed animals? Did Christmas only add to the giant fluffy mass that has to go somewhere in your child's room? Create storage for all of your baby's babies with "pet nets". These triangle nets attach to the corners of the room and make an easy place for your child to toss in stuffed animals. Use extra nets to create net shelves to catch all of the stuffed animals in the room. Another great idea is to empty out an old bean bag and use it as a hidden stuffed animal storage bag. Your child can still use the bean bag for reading, video games, or reading, but the stuffed animals will be hidden away inside.

Make Room for Toys by Organizing Clothes

Is there a hard-fast rule that says dresser drawers must be used for clothes? Most people find that dresser drawers simply hide articles of clothing that you don't use very often and get crammed so full that you have to pull everything out to find what you need. Ditch the idea of using the dresser for clothes and use it to organize some of those toys. Get your child some children's hangers that will help them to coordinate outfits, see what they have clean without digging, and make the best use of their closet space.