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Sometimes the problem isn't that a cabinet is too small, it's that the cabinet is too deep or tall to ever get what you need. There are many solutions to this problem. Some solutions are cheap or free and others may cost some money. Knowing your options is the first step. Once you get the concept, you'll be ready to organize cabinets and shelves all over your house!

1) If a cabinet or shelf is too deep, you will need to raise up whatever is in the back so that you can actually see it to use it. Coated wire rack shelves are only a couple of bucks. You can put them in the back and place your cleaners, dishes, or whatever you're keeping in the cabinet up on the little shelf. Then, you can put the things that you use most often in the front without covering up the items in the back. I like to store things that I hardly ever use under these little shelves throughout my cabinets.

2) Another option is to use a rack. For under ten dollars, you can get a frying pan rack or a rack designed to hold the lids of pots and pans. These are great for keeping things from stacking directly on top of each other. You can reach in, grab the one you want, and then put it back when it's clean without disturbing the other lids.

3) Sliding racks and shelves are really nice. These cost a bit more, but you can find them at your local hardware store. These are on rails and casters so you can slide them out when you need to and see every little organized thing from the front to the back. These are great for canned food or pots and pans.

4) Get rid of all of your mix-matched bowls and casserole dishes. I did this slowly over time and replaced them one by one with sets. I have a set of glass bowls, all with lids, that nest inside of each other. I have another set of stainless steel bowls that also nest and have lids. I have a set of casserole dishes that nest and have lids. I got rid of all of my plastic wear except for a stack of one size. This one is slightly bigger than a sandwich. It works great for small amounts of leftovers. If there are more leftovers, I just use two, or one of my bowls or casserole dishes. I can't tell you how great it is having fifteen mixing bowls with lids and 8 casserole dishes with lids only taking up four spots in my cabinets. It has made so much room for me I just had to share!

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for the largest selection of clothing hangers available in the USA.