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Having your closet organized in a way that works with you is a great way to stay organized long-term. Closets that are not personalized to fit the habits and needs of the person that is using them won't stay organized very long. We've collected some tips for you so that you can consider what might work best for you when you organize your closet. Creating a space that is personal to your wants and needs will inspire you to keep things organized after you get them that way. Use these tips as inspiration so that you can have the personalized closet of your dreams when you're done.

1) Identify problem areas by assessing what bothers you about your closet now. Do shoes get piled in a mountain on the bottom while your handy shoe organizer stays empty, or only houses the shoes that you haven't worn in over a year? Consider that over-the-door shoe organizer a way to determine which shoes you should get rid of and then come up with another solution. If you never find yourself using it for shoes, see if you might be more willing to use it for something else that needs to be organized. You may need space for gloves and scarves, hair accessories, socks, or some other item that can easily fit into the organizer. If you tend to kick your shoes off on the floor, then a floor shoe shelf may be easiest for you to use.

2) Next, identify what you keep in your closet that simply does not have a place. Do you have a pile of clothes that you want to give away? Place a hamper, box, or bag in the closet so that you can easily get rid of things as you realize that you no longer need them. Did you set up your closet to hold clothing, but you find yourself storing games, cleaning equipment, and other items from around the house in there as well? Then make a special place for these things so that they are not in the way of your everyday wardrobe.

3) You can keep a lot of things in check in the closet simply by using the right clothes hangers. Clothing hangers are designed to have specific benefits for specific types of clothing. Wooden hangers that are curved are generally designed to support the molded and tailored shoulders of suits and coats. Pants hangers are perfect for keeping pants and slacks wrinkle free while taking up a very small amount of space. Your hangers can help you to keep things where they go so that you are not tempted to just hang and throw everything inside. You'll love how tailoring your closet to suit your needs helps your clothes to stay nice and neat.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for quality clothing hangers.