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Getting organized is all about making the most efficient use of the space that you have. Many homes are built with each room's square footage in mind, not storage space. If you have trouble keeping your home organized and are wondering what the most popular solutions are, you're in the right place. We've compiled the most popular and effective ways to get your home organized. Read on to learn how you might be able to make the most use of the space that you have in your home.

1) One of the most popular ways to organize today is to install a closet system outside of the closet. The sturdiest of these systems are made of wood or wire. Wood systems are very attractive and can add luxurious beauty, style, and functionality to your home. Some wire systems attach to fixed arms and give you lots of flexible ways to store everything from craft supplies to seasonal wardrobes. You can install a system like this on any blank wall in your home. It's like having a second closet in any room.

2) Another popular storage solution is using a rolling garment rack for extra storage. These racks have been used in retail stores for years, but have recently become more popular in homes. Choose one that is sturdy, because you'll probably want to use it for years to come. You can use them simply to get your laundry from the dryer straight to the hanger, avoiding wrinkles. Rolling garment racks make it easy to move the folded and hung laundry from the dryer to the closet. You can also use garment racks to store clothing and shoes when they are out of season. Dust covers will keep your clothes safe from the elements while neatly storing in a corner, garage, or basement in your home.

3) Clothing racks are also popular. A pants rack is useful for keeping pants wrinkle-free and easily accessible. You can store a pants rack outside of the closet if you'd like, saving room inside the closet for other things. Some are free-standing and you can move them wherever you'd like. Some are simply a series of bars that mount to your closet or bedroom wall. Each bar can swivel out and hold one pair of pants. These closet additions look attractive and eliminate the need to hang pants on separate hangers.

4) The most cost effective option for organizing your closet is upgrading your clothes hangers. There are literally hundreds of styles of hangers out there. Each one is designed with a specific use in mind. Whether you're looking to coordinate outfits or give your expensive suits the support that they need, there is a hanger that will best suit your needs. Coats and suits should always be hung on high quality clothing hangers, like wooden hangers. You can stock your closet with these same hangers, or you could go for something different, like satin hangers or cedar clothes hangers.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for wooden clothes hangers.