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Getting your closets and dressers ready for the summer season is an important step in keeping your closet organized. It is this back and forth, cold then warm, weather that can cause summer and winter wardrobes to mingle. This is the recipe for the household disaster that we often refer to as "laundry mountain". Laundry mountain can seem to take on a life of its own when summer and winter clothes seem to multiply the amount of laundry you have to deal with. Closets become too full to put anything into and dresser drawers seem to be exploding with the horrible mix.

Take control of your laundry situation by following these tips for switching out one wardrobe for another. If you don't prepare, the clothes will soon be out of control all over your house. It can be impossible to find what you need. Clean clothes end up mixed with dirty ones. Delicate items get crushed and mangled. This kind of disarray is not only mentally and physically exhausting, but it can end up causing a financial strain as well. Getting these things in order will keep you from having to replace damaged or lost clothing.

First, you need a clear plan. You can't just have one container for each person and assume that it's enough to contain their out of season clothes. This is a good start, however. You do need an airtight container to keep winter clothing in. But, winter clothes are often bulky and take up a lot of room. There are boots, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and even winter sports equipment to consider. Taking an accurate inventory of all these items will help you to more accurately assess how much storage each person needs.

Another option, besides cramming everything into a box with a lid, is to invest a little in a rolling garment rack. These racks are great for hanging almost an entire closet's worth of winter clothes. You can use a zip-up cover to keep the clothes safe and they won't be wrinkled next year. It's much easier to transfer clothes hangers from one bar to the next instead of pulling everything out only to discover that it's wrinkled or damaged.

Use cedar products when you store clothing. Cedar products are great for absorbing odor causing moisture, helping coats and suits keep their shape, and deodorizing winter boots. Take care in storing your clothing each time the seasons change and it'll be a snap the next time the need rolls around.

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