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You may be frustrated with your reach-in closet, always wishing that you had a big walk-in. However, reach-in closets are actually easier to organize than walk-in closets. Reach-in closets are nice because you can see what you have. Instead of being surrounded by your stuff, it is laid out flat in front of you. In fact, reach-in closets help you to maximize space and can be easier to keep organized than a walk-in closet.

Consider how much space you have in the closet. Measure the depth, usable height, and width to get started. Try not to be constrained by things such as the hanging bar or top shelf. Those shelves are often installed at a height that is easy to reach, not the height that takes the most advantage of the vertical space in the closet. You don't want to get too close to the closet light, but besides that, there is lots of storage space up there that normally goes unnoticed.

Another place that space is often wasted is in the depth of the closet. Your clothes only take up about eighteen inches of your closet depth and most reach-in closets are about twice that deep. Think about how you could use the space more efficiently if you just moved the hanging bar a little further back into the closet. As long as your clothes don't touch the wall when they're hanging on the hangers, then you can safely and easily move the bar back. That room that you just made in the front of the closet can be put to great use. Stack shoe boxes up one wall, place a laundry basket on the floor, install small shelves up the sides, or install hooks for purses, robes, backpacks and more.

Now take a look at the closet to see where else you are wasting space. Many people are able to add a hanging rod once they move the top shelf up closer to the ceiling. You can extend the top shelf to touch the front wall of the closet, giving you extra storage room. You can add hanging bars to the sides of the closet to give you a place to hang longer items that would be constricted by having two hanging bars spanning the width of the closet. Hang your short clothing together to make space underneath for laundry, shoes, drawers, or whatever you need.

Once you've got the basic design of the closet down, you can focus on efficiently using the hanging space.Space-saving hangers are a great addition to any closet. clothes hangers that fit flat together help to give extra space while keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. Cascading hangers by using metal wonder hangers allows you to double-up the hanger duty, coordinate outfits, and save double the space in the closet. Using specialty hangers is a great way to take full advantage of the benefits that your reach-in closet offers.

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