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Many homes are short on closet space. If your home has reach in closets, then you know exactly what we're talking about! Reach in closets can be long, but are often shallow. This can mean that the actual usable square footage of the closet is really not that much. Or, the arrangement of the closet is simply inconvenient and hard to organize. Use these tips that we've collected from master organizers to help you turn that small, reach in closet into an organized area that is easy to use and maybe most importantly, easy to keep organized once you get it that way.

1) Take everything out of your closet and start measuring. You may have more square footage than you think in there. Most ceilings are between eight and nine feet. Most reach in closets are eight feet long and four feet deep. If you have eight foot ceilings, that gives you two-hundred and fifty six feet of space. If you have nine foot ceilings, you probably have around two-hundred eighty eight feet of space. That sounds like a lot, right? Well, it actually is. The general design of these closets was originally intended to help you keep a larger bedroom while still having a closet space. However, the standard "shelf above a bar" arrangement does not make very good use of the space that is there.

2) Draw up a design, shop for closet organizers, and look online to get ideas for what would work best in your closet. There are many closet systems, even solid wood and cedar ones that can be purchased one section at a time. This can help you to buy a little at a time so that you can afford the best system for your closet. It can also help you to figure out which sections you would like more of. Adjustable shelving is really useful for changing out your seasonal wardrobes and making the system work well year-round.

3) Think about how many of your wardrobe items will work well on shelves. You may not need to hang everything. You can make your shelves really deep and use the back side of them for storage. You can place a riser on a shelf to lift up items that are too far back to easily see. Think about moving the hanging bar back into the closet a little further so that you can run shelving up the front sides of the closet. The top shelf can be raised enough to hang two hanging bars, even with an eight foot ceiling. Use low profile pant hangers to hang pants on the lower bar that help you to save space and keep pants from touching the floor and save the upper bar for coat, suit and dress hangers.

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