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Who would have thought that a simple, colorful plastic tubular hanger and a steel hang rod could be turned into a piece of furniture? Well, needless to say here at Only Hangers it never crossed our minds but it certainly did for designer Joey Zeledon the brains behind this invention.

The tubular hangers simply slide over the steel frame and create a very comfy form fitting seat for your tush. Although we haven't tried it yet we hear that it is very comfortable! A lot of personalization and fun can be incorporated into putting this together too since the hangers can be all in one color or mixed for an explosion of colors! Currently there is only the chair design in development however with a little creativity we could see a whole line of furniture rolled out using plastic hangers!


There is also a real "green" factor to this story too. With plastic hangers filling our land fills at an alarming rate, re-purposed products like these are truly beneficial to our environment. In fact, according to Danny Schrager, CEO of Mountain Valley Recycling "90% percent of America's clothes are now imported, and every garment that comes in from overseas comes in on a plastic hanger-30 to 40 billion of them each year". Just to get an idea of how many we are talking about, laid end to end 40 billion coat hangers would stretch about 8 million miles, far beyond the orbit of the moon! And due to the fact that many of these are made of blended plastics that can't be recycled, roughly 85% of them end up in landfills! Wow, that's crazy!  

So with that said... Mr. Zeledon all of us here at Only Hangers love your "Coat Hanger Chair" idea and think it's a really cool concept. And, we want you to know that if you're ever looking for a partner to manufacture the chair...we're all ears!


About the Author: Ron Maier is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for clothing hangers in wood, plastic or metal.  Visit Only Hangers today for the highest quality, lowest priced clothing hangers available!