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Use an old dresser in your sunroom or garage to hold tools and gardening equipment. Keep chemicals, seeds, gloves, and other supplies stored away in an eclectic looking old dresser.


Repurpose an old dresser with a fresh coat of paint and use it to stash mail, keys, change, cell phones and other daily necessities in the entryway of your home. Drill holes in the back of the drawers to hide chargers. You can also use the drawers to stash hats, shoes, gloves, and scarves keeping your entryway neat, tidy, and organized.


Are you looking for a stylish way to organize office supplies? A repurposed dresser is great for storing extra paper, ink cartridges, stationary, staplers, and other things that can clutter up the office.

Craft Room

Craft supplies can take up a lot of room in a closet or bedroom. Using an old dresser to organize these things keeps them out of sight without filling the room with cheap plastic organizers. You can use drawer dividers or stackable organizers inside the drawers to keep everything neat and out of sight. The dresser top doubles as a great work space, too. If your dresser has a mirror, it makes the space seem more spacious and enhances the natural lighting in the room.

Dining Room

A dresser is a great addition to a dining room. Use your old dresser as a buffet to store holiday dishes, table cloths, placemats, napkin rings, or whatever else you need to get out of your cabinets. The top of the dresser is a great place to put a nice floral arrangement, bottles of wine, or other dining room decorations. Place a lamp here to add interesting lighting elements to the dining area.

Mud Room

The mud room is notoriously disorganized. Use an old dresser to store shoes, hats, gloves, sweaters, and other items that you only need when you leave the house. Some people have even removed the dresser top and top two levels of drawers to create a seat for the mudroom. Place a pad in the empty space and use the drawers underneath for shoes. Replace the drawer bottoms with screen or slats to allow airflow for shoes to dry.

Living Room

One of the best uses for an old dresser is in the living room. Dressers are big enough to use as entertainment centers for keeping your television at a good height. Remove the back of the dresser and drill holes in the backs of the drawers to create a ventilated area for your VCR, DVD, game system and other electronics. Store movies and games in the drawers out of sight.