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Our new shirt folding boards will cut your laundry folding time half and provide you a perfectly folded garment every time! Use it to  fold t-shirt's, blouses, sweaters, long sleeved shirts, bath towels and more. These are the same high quality folding boards used commercial retailers across the US to keep their clothing displays perfectly folded and visually appealing to customers.


Use the shirt folding board to save space by re-organizing drawers and closets with neatly folded clothes. Many winter garments like sweaters can be crisply folded with the folding board to allow more garments to be stored away in bins for the summer.  Great for traveling too as it allows you to tightly fold and pack more clothes in suitcases.

So easy to use too! Even kids will enjoy helping mom and dad fold and put away their clothes using the shirt folding board. Watch the "Hanger Guy" demonstrate how easy and useful the shirt folding board can be in your home.