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Are you a decorating novice? Decorating may be easier than you think. With just a couple of elements, you can transform a room into an inviting and themed area of your home. Use these tips to quickly change a room from boring to amazing, even on a tight budget.


Tips for Decorating Beginners. Simple Elements with Big Impacts.

Lighting Elements

Lighting elements make a huge difference in a room. A lamp or interesting chandelier can change the feel of the entire room. Even a striking lamp shade can change the way a room feels or give it a theme. Check out resale shops, antique stores, and DIY lamp shade projects online for inspiring ideas.

Hanging Objects

A quick way to give a room a theme and some personality is to hang something that may not have been intended to be home decor. Give a room a nautical feel by hanging an oar or porthole. Create a cabin feel by using antlers as a coat rack or aluminum buckets as flower pots. Fill a bowl with pinecones or use a sanded log as a mantle. Hang a winter sled in a little boy's room. The possibilities are endless.


Use magazines and catalogs to get furniture arrangement ideas. Sometime moving things around will help to define a space and give it character. Moving your couch from against the wall to the middle of the room will give you an area behind it for an entryway table, bookshelves, card table, or reading area.

Choose items that you like from around your home and think about where they can make a bigger impact. Sometimes just moving a vase, painting, lamp, footstool, ladder, or piece of art can make a huge difference in your home.