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If you're researching how to organize your closet, you've probably come across a lot of expensive and elaborate ideas! The truth is, most families do not have the money to invest in a high-end closet, or they want a more simple solution to their closet dilemmas. Here we've compiled some simple things that you can do, on your own, to make the most of a walk-in closet.


Simple Ideas for Making the Most of Your Walk-In Closet Space

1) Double-up the hanging bars for maximum space. A top shelf above your hanging spaces and shelves is great for storing suitcases and a few long-term storage items.

2) Divide clothing by type to make things look even and organized. If you share the closet with a spouse or roommate, you don't necessarily have to put one person's things on one side and the other person's things on the other. You can put suits and coats on one bar with yours on the left and the other person's on the right. Jeans and pants can hang on another bar, small shirts on another, and long sleeved shirts on the last bar.

3) I do recommend installing some shelving for things that you like to fold, such as t-shirts or pajamas. You can use shelves for containers that hold socks, tights, undergarments, and other clothing accessories. You don't necessarily need drawers if you use containers for belts, ties, and jewelry. You can also use belt hangers, tie hangers, scarf hangers, and lingerie hangers instead of shelving and drawers.

4) Clear plastic boxes are great for storing shoes that you don't wear often. I store my out of season shoes in suitcases that I don't use very often. Purses, tote bags, and backpacks hang on hooks.

5) I also recommend hanging an extra bar for long coats and dresses. I put two, one foot long bars on the front wall of my walk-in closet. One holds the two long coats that I own, along with the six long dresses that I have. The other side I share with my husband. We hang our robes there. They're out of the way and utilize an otherwise wasted space.

6) Making the closet look better is the last step. Throw a decorative rug on the floor. Add extra lighting to the closet or hang an interesting light fixture. Use matching hangers to protect your clothing from sliding or getting crushed. This also makes everything hang uniformly on the bar. It really does make a big difference. I couldn't believe the difference that a set of nice hangers made in my closet space!

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for quality hangers at manufacturer direct prices.