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Many of us have closets that could use a make-over. Getting organized is really useful, but if you still have problems that cost you time, space, or hassle, then organizing it can only do you so much good. Use these tips to avoid common closet problems that can cost you time and money.

1) First and foremost, make sure that you closet is safe. A flimsy or loose hanging bar that may not be installed correctly can pose a hazard to you or children that go into the closet. Check the strength of the bar and all the shelving before you use the closet. Bolts and screws should be long enough to sink deeply into the wood where they are attached. Use a stud finder to make sure that all of your screws are actually in a stud and not just in the drywall.

2) Closets can get musty. That smell is actually mold and mildew forming in the fabric of your clothing. It can also be behind your baseboards, crown molding, or in your closet carpet. Humidity in your home caused by weather, bathroom use and laundry can cause your clothes to smell. Molds can actually pose a health risk, so you need to take steps towards protecting yourself and your family. Cedar hangers, cedar closet liners, or other cedar closet accessories can easily solve this problem. Cedar absorbs moisture and is a natural deodorizer. It will also keep bugs and other pests from wanting to inhabit your closet.

3) Lots of people are not happy about the way that their shoes get all mixed up in the closet. They can get piled on top of each other and it can be hard to find the mates. Shoes are often damaged in closets that don't have a good shoe storage system. Scuffs, smashed toes and heels, and dust are among the major complaints. Buckles and heels can snag and tear the fabrics of your clothing as you're taking them out of the closet or putting them in. Solve all of these problems by using clear, stackable, acrylic or plastic boxes designed for holding shoes. If your shoes smell, try putting them into the freezer overnight. This kills all of the bacteria that is growing inside the shoes and creating the dreaded smell. You can insert cedar products into each box to keep the shoes smelling fresh for long periods of time.

4) Most of the other common closet complaints usually have to do with clothing. Clothing can slip off of hangers. Wire hangers can bend, plastic hangers can snap, and the end result is your clothing crumpled up on the floor. Building your wardrobe is expensive. Protect your investment by investing in the right kinds of clothes hangers. There are petite ones that fit women's clothing just right. There are extra large ones for plus sized clothing and men's suits. A good wood hanger is sturdy and will help your clothes keep their shape. Look for things like notches, non-slip grips, curvature in the shoulders, a pants bar, or clips for coordinating outfits. You should hang coats on a coat hanger and blouses on shirt hangers. By choosing the right hangers, you can protect your wardrobe, save time, and make your closet easier to manage.

About the Author: Joe Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for all types of quality clothes hangers.