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Clean the Rugs-Take your rugs outside, beat them, and then let them air out in the sun for a while.

Dust the Ceiling Fan-Use a vacuum to get the big mats of dust and then use a damp cloth to dust the rest of the fan.

De-bug Light Fixtures-Light fixtures can accumulate a lot of debris over the year. Fill the tub with soapy water. Soak and wash all of your plastic, acrylic, and glass light fixtures. You can wipe all of the bulbs clean, too.


Use this list to get you started on your spring cleaning spree!

Steam Everything-Steam Clean your carpets, furniture, drapes, and mattresses.

Wash Bedding-Some comforters, quilts, blankets and afghans don't get washed very often, but they could be harboring a lot of pollen since you've had your windows open for a few weeks now! Wash everything and then store them in breathable bags to keep them from accumulating dust.

Refrigerator-Take it completely apart. Clean those spills that have been hidden forever. Clean the dust from the back, top, and underneath the fridge.

Dryer-Clean deep inside, beyond the lint screen, with a special dryer cleaning tool. Replace the dryer hose and make sure it's attached correctly to avoid blowing lint all over your house.

Grout-Now is as good a time as any to deep clean and reseal your grout. Replace any worn out or stained caulking around the bathroom, too.