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Storage can be a problem no matter how big your home is. We often go out and buy things to help us organize and then somehow they just become more junk. This is the problem with a lot of organizational products. They may keep things separated, but they themselves end up using space or not being convenient enough for us to keep up with. Use these tips to help you decide which organizational products will be the most useful for you.

1) Make sure that your product is not a space stealer. Many bill organizers, office organizers, even pantry organizers can actually waste more space than they save. They are simply designed to hold something, not to make it save precious space. For example, many people use bowls to hold keys, loose change, and things of that sort. However, the bowl often gets used for other things. It becomes a dumping ground for people in the family to unload around when they get home. So, now you thought you were keeping the keys and change off of your kitchen counter, but you were creating a space for people to use for mail, books, wallets, and whatever else they needed to drop when they came in. You try to fix it by adding more organizational products. You end up losing that counter space because there was a lack of planning and the products that you bought didn't actually solve your problem.

2) Making a space for everything sounds like a good idea. However, it can be hard to keep up if you have a perfect spot for every little thing in your house. This can cause you to constantly forget where things go because your organization was too meticulous and backfired into creating more work for you instead of less. Plus, everything divided can actually take up more space. It is important to categorize so that you don't have hundreds of tiny categories for things. Try to keep it general. This will keep you and your family from avoiding putting things away and piling things into a miscellaneous drawer instead.

3) The best product will be no help to you if you don't use it. Make sure that whatever you pick gets placed in an area that it will be easily used. You wouldn't put a jewelry box that you use every day in the garage, so don't get an organizer for keys, wallets, cell phones and change and then put it far away from the front door. People will avoid going through the trouble of finding the organizer and pile up everything on the end table when they walk in, like usual. Make sure that your organizers, no matter what they are, are very easy to access.

4) You can organize closets without adding a lot of bulk. You don't necessarily need an expensive organization system if you can find an easier way to keep things neat. Using the correct type of hanger is a good way to keep from having to spend a lot. You can separate pants, suits, lingerie, skirts, and even shorts with the right hangers. Cascading clothing in the closet with wonder hangers or slim cascading hangers will help you to save a lot of space and keep like items together where you can easily find them when you need them.

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