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Decorating your home can be so rewarding. Turning your decor into an expression of your style and personality makes a house feel like a home. Decorating with style doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Traditionally, people have decorated their homes just a bit at the time, only purchasing items that really grabbed their attention and that felt like it really said something about the individual. This concept still holds true. However, with today's fast-paced world of manufactured goods, it doesn't have to take your whole life to get a room exactly how you want it! Use these tips to add all of those little accents that take your house from rooms filled with furniture to a home filled with your personal style.

1) Lamps, spotlights, and track lighting help to draw attention to certain areas of your home. Not only are they useful, but they create a pleasing glow that adds warmth and beauty to your home. Personalize a lamp by choosing fabric and decorating the lampshade yourself.

2) Artwork can bring a room to life and really show off your taste. Artwork that you created adds a special kind of appeal to a room. Framing some of your child's art is another way to make a room seem more like home. Avoid displaying a lot of "posed" pictures around your home. Photos of stiffly arranged people make people feel uncomfortable. Choose photos that show off your family in natural settings with natural expressions.

3) Mirrors are another great way to accent a room. They help to add dimension to the lighting of a room and make rooms seem larger. Other wall décor includes clocks, hanging sculptures, sconces and candles.

4) To give your home a less "artificial" feel, add flowers to the decor. A vase that stays filled with fresh flowers may sound like kind of a hassle, but you can pick up fresh local flowers at your local grocery store whenever you are already there shopping. Having fresh flowers in the house always makes a good impression and brightens your mood every time you pass them.

5) Add other decorations in places where you may not have before. A closet can be transformed by simply adding some high quality clothes hangers. Specialty hangers help your clothes to hang correctly and keep your closet looking neat. White wooden hangers are especially nice for helping your closet look nicely decorated with very little effort.

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