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So you think hangers would look out of place in a living room?

There's immense scope to turn the humble clothes-hangers, usually confined to your wardrobe, into something that attracts attention and commands admiration.

Turn Them into a Centerpiece

There's no need to buy a new centerpiece for your coffee table. Simply put your clothes hangers together to make one. You'll need about 20 wooden hangers and some hot glue.

Get rid of the lower bars and cut the hangers neatly in half so that you retain the hooks. Stick all the hangers together with the hooks facing down. The hooks will act as the stand for your new bowl. Place large pebbles or fruits in the bowl and your centerpiece is ready.


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Display this masterpiece proudly in your living room and get ready for compliments and accolades.

Turn Them into Wall Art

You'll need about 20-22 slim-line hangers and black yarn for this. Get rid of the hooks and individually string each of the hangers with the thread.


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Hang your creation on the wall, as shown in the picture above, for a pendulum-like effect. Spread the hangers out (artistically) a little so that the strings remain taut and untangled.

Turn Them into a Coat Rack


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For this, you'll need a wooden board, 5-6 wooden hangers and super glue. Cut the hangers in half and glue them on to the wooden board with the hooks facing down.

The hangers have now been transformed into an elegant coat rack. Feel free to hang your hats, bags, and scarves on it too!

Turn Them into Poster Holders


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Turn your living room into a bohemian wonderland with this one. You're going to need 4-5 skirt hangers, an equal number of your favorite posters, and some paint or satin ribbons.

Paint the skirt hangers in a color of your choice, or decorate them with satin ribbons that blend in or contrast with the color of the wall, depending on your preference. Hook the hangers on the wall and clip on the posters. Hang the posters in a straight line or in a particular pattern.