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A lovely closet is a joy forever. (Yes, we totally made that up, but we are sure you'd agree.) It's not the easiest thing in the world to create this joy though. The Internet certainly is a great tool when it comes to helping us create awesome things. But there is also something called too much of a good thing and its' more than easy to get lost into the maze of the how-to's out there.

Which is why we are bringing to you here the best in the DIY space from around the web. More specifically, we look at some of the best blogs, the most helpful videos, and the most inspiring Pinterest boards to drive our point home.

If you are the type who loves to tinker around your closet or has an active imagination when it comes to organizing or re-organizing the spaces in your house, you are going to love this.

There's something in this for practically everybody.

For the most part we will let the pictures and the videos do the talking. (Out of curiosity, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?)

We will give you personalization suggestions though, where we feel they are needed.

So make yourself a hot cup of coffee, settle down in your favorite chair, and get ready to receive loads of DIY inspiration f

Building your own closet


If you are a diehard DIYer, there's probably nothing that fazes you, much less the thought of creating your own closet from scratch. For the less seasoned among you though, yes closets can be DIY operations, too. You just need to start with a clear idea about how you want your closet to look. Keep it simple and keep going.

If you are psychologically prepared to build your first custom closet, this handyman can help you not just get started but also lend finishing touches to your DIY project.

Here's another, and easier, way to do it. An entire wardrobe made of wire containers!


We aren't recommending you do the exact same thing, but the idea does have some merit as far as storing bags and shoes is concerned. What do you think?

The following video is more hands-on. Watch the lady as she creates order with just a few planks of wood, and then proceeds to harmonize the whole.


For detailed instructions, check out this article on how to install closet organizers for doing things the old-fashioned way with the wood, the saw, and the hammer.

Have loads of shoes? Create a shoe wall and be done with it! Here are a couple of inexpensive ways for you to sort out your footwear storage.



The aim is to create practical, doable, pocket-friendly closets fully customized to your and your family's needs.

How many of the ideas discussed thus far do you think you can carry out on your own? We bet you have enough so far to keep you busy for months together. But we are nowhere near done yet. Make a list of the helpful ideas you've read/watched thus far, and then continue reading!

Organizing your closet


As important as having a beautiful (or even an okay-ish) closet is what you do with it. Or it's just air. We mean, space.

Here's a list of twenty one blogs that will help you not just organize your closet but also give a makeover to your wardrobe. Purge the unnecessary and make the optimum use of the space in your wardrobe with this informative list of blogposts.

If reading all the 21 of them is too much work for you, we recommend the following as must-reads.

Home Organization 101-Week 13 "The Master Closet"-Create a "master closet" that could be the envy of the highest-end retailers

The 40 Hanger Closet-Change the complexion of your closet with the help of just forty hangers.

Using All of the Closet Space-A creative use of tight spaces and how to use all of it. Especially pertinent to those among us who live in cramped apartments in big cities.

All the Tools You Need to Organize Your Closet-An interesting read on how to introduce an element of fun in your closet while giving it a perfectly organized look and feel.

Okay, enough of reading. Back to video watching and cookie crunching.

If you are short on space and not sure you want to buy a fitted wardrobe from the department store, or if you simply like the challenge of making the most of small spaces, this video has plenty of implementable (is that a word?) ideas for you.


For those of you who have the time and energy to devote to elaborately planned closets with enviable finish and care, and which actually look great and are totally Pinterest-worthy, Alejandra here has many ideas to get you started.


As the video demonstrates, she has thought of everything when organizing her closet.

Some instant visual inspiration

If you don't have a Pinterest account yet, we suggest that you get one now.

Wardrobe design ideas is a Pinterest board that contains pictures of beautiful closets with a professional finish, sourced from a  variety of places. If you are thinking of creating a new closet, some of these features contained in the photos on this board may  engage your imagination.


Closet Makeover is another board with interesting storage ideas that could lead to stunning results. You almost never see things coming!


Organized space and closets and Closet Organization will supply you with ideas for all kinds of storage and closets., as usual, does not fail to impress. Designer or low-key, modern, classic, or vintage, big or small, feminine or  masculine, they have all types of closets covered. They have more than 60,000 photos on the topic so it's highly unlikely that  you will return empty-handed after having browsed through their collection.

Storing jewelry, trinkets, and other accessories

No matter how much you try, storing jewelry in a way that actually makes sense is next to impossible.

All we ever have are jumbled masses of intertwined clasps and chains, not being able to tell your earrings from your bracelets from your necklaces. You may have the greatest jewelry closet on earth but if it isn't organized, what on earth are you going to do with it?

Many before us have pondered the problem and come up with impressive solutions.

This video has some smart and super simple ideas for you to dangle your earrings and necklaces from. And just as a bonus, all of it is super cheap to execute, too!

This is another video (2:00 onwards) full of beautiful ideas using inexpensive materials. There's plenty of inspiration in this not-so-short video. Among other things, old hangers have been used to hang jewelry!


Pay particular attention to how she has stocked her earrings. Giving each pair room (and spotlight!) of its own but making excellent use of hanging jewelry organizers. A great way to display your ware and at the same time storing it all systematically so that you can find whatever you want in a jiffy.


^A rake as a jewelry holder.


^Yep, hanger accessories are way more versatile than you would have ever thought them to be.

Top DIY home improvement blogs

Inspiration is rarely a linear thing. We never know what would capture our fancy and inspire us to take up the cudgels and change the facade of our house! It helps to keep oneself exposed to new ideas, voices, pictures, but more importantly, mingle with like-minded people to fully exploit your own potential as a DIYer. We have compiled for you a list of excellent DIY blogs in the home improvement space. This is hardly an exhaustive list on the matter, but then we don't really want to exhaust you with our suggestions. We just want to keep your stock of creativity and excitement high. -This blog contains thousands of articles, pictures, and DIY projects to keep you forever motivated and excited. As the name suggests, this blog is the hub of the DIYer. -A personal favorite, this blog has helped me many times when I've been stuck with decoration ideas around the house. It's extremely versatile, delightful to read, and keeps you forever engaged with your living space. -An inspiring and practical take on living. As the name suggests, it's all about pragmatic and frugal creativity. -What can't one do with their IKEA furniture is the question. Meet hundreds of thousands of like-minded people and discuss with them how to put to good use old and discarded IKEA furniture. You'll be surprised what you can create out of it -A delightful blog dedicated to unearthing the beauty in little things around your house. What better way to discover the potential your abode contains for style and beauty other than to redecorate it with unusual items every now and then? -This is not strictly a home improvement blog, but it's so full of amazing designs that anybody creatively inclined should give it a browse at least once a week. It does, however, contain many articles on interior decoration and DIY within the home space. It's all so wonderfully out-of-the-box that it almost compels you to devise DIY projects of your own


And now comes the time to wrap it all up. It's been a long post but we hope you enjoyed our presentation of some great DIY paraphernalia. More importantly, we hope it stimulated you creatively and has inspired you to transform your closet into something special. Don't be afraid to experiment. Take on your home projects bravely, and with the assurance that there are many around the web to help you out every step of the way. Make use of their expertise and combine it with your creativity and enthusiasm to see what you can come up with. If you found this post of interest, don't hesitate to share it with your friends. You never know who you may end up inspiring!