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Does your closet need a makeover? Most people do need to revamp their closets every few years. Creating a closet that fits your lifestyle is an important part of the design process. Whether you go for custom solid wood cabinetry with moldings and granite countertops, or a prefabricated budget organizer, the rules remain the same. The closet has to work for you, your habits, your home, and your life. Use these ideas when you are considering which closet systems and closet accessories will work best for your closet.

1) The small stuff has to go somewhere. There are a few options when it comes to storing ties, socks, underwear, belts, purses, jewelry, and swimwear. You can opt for a few shallow drawers to organize these things. Dividers that help you to keep the drawers organized are great to have. Make sure that you leave room for future items that may be coming into the drawers.

Another option is to install sliding racks to hold ties, belts, purses, and scarves. There are also specialty hangers for these things that help you to stay organized without investing in drawers. Socks, underwear and swimwear can be kept in baskets on shelves.

2) Most people like to keep their hamper or laundry basket in the closet, out of sight. You can definitely make room for this. Modern closets usually have tilt-out hampers that keep your dirty clothing out of sight. You can even put a tall plastic hamper inside of the tilt-out cabinet so that transferring your clothes from the closet to the laundry room is easy. Use cedar products in the closet so that musty smells and odors do not penetrate your wardrobe.

3) The valet bar is very popular right now. It is a relatively inexpensive extra that gives your closet a high-end feel. Simply push the end and the valet bar extends. You can hang your clothes that you are about to wear. This is a great thing to have if you are moving your dry cleaning to a sturdier hanger, like a coat hanger or wood hanger. It makes a good spot for drying your beach towel, hanging your clothes to steam them, or for simply laying out what you are going to wear the next day.

4) Closet designers are using adjustable shelves more and more. Adjusting your shelves to accommodate new clothes or a change of season can help you to stay organized for a long time. You can also install adjustable height hanging bars. You wouldn't want to do this with a long bar, but a series of short bars that hold different lengths of clothing can help you to maximize space in your closet.

5) Your clothes hangers are important when it comes to style, efficiency, and protecting your wardrobe. Sturdy hangers can last you many years. The shape of a high end hanger can keep your clothes from stretching out at the shoulders. Curved hangers help coats and suits keep their shape. Slim, cascading hangers can triple the space in your closet. Choose the right ones and you can make your closet work for you for years to come.

About the Author: Joe Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for clothing hangers.