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Ho ho ho! And we are back. New Year, new resolutions and new trends. I know you probably already have a bombardment of 2014 trend alerts in your magazines, newspapers, TV shows and of course the internet. But if you are still here and reading this, you are probably still seeking out that something more, something new in terms of aesthetics, fun and functionality that you can incorporate in your home decor.

So what we do is just try to give you that tiny push you need to get started to do some serious business-redecorate your home bang on with the trends and make it one fashionable abode to dwell in.

Something Old Something New, Something Borrowed Something Blue

2014 will be an interesting year in home decor trends. With sleek furniture and sharp silhouettes ruling the roost in home decor the last year, what marks the uprise of the traditional, the old styles of decor this year? Ah! The wistfulness I suppose. However, home decor gets edgy and experimental this year combining elements of the old and the new. We like the way Lindsay Souza, the mind behind the stylish website talks about vintage wonders being the real interior design trendsetters this year.

The ease and romance of vintage pieces come together with the comfort and practicality of modern decor to create spaces that breathe exuberance, style and warmth. Consider borrowing ideas from a bygone era. Brick fireplaces and bringing in a vintage style shelf in your study for books or in the dining space for crockery creates some old-world charm in a modern setting. The Pinterest board Shelved Spaces offer you some fascinating designs and functionality of shelves that can be placed anywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen.

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Pantone has announced dazzling blue as one of the leading colors of the year. Having something blue in your interior decor mission 2014 is a good idea. What works for this color is its versatility. As discussed in the much acclaimed Interior Design Show, Vancouver this color can be easily integrated in home decor through large furniture pieces, rugs, curtains, ceramic pottery or simply bright cobalt upholstery.

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Glamor Beckons

Say goodbye to the subtle and demure. This is going to be a year of unrestricted glamor. A trend that has firmly planted its feet in the year is one of black and metallics. Door handles, chandeliers, poster beds,candle-stands, cutlery, the list just goes on. The metal attack is here and we are loving it. Golds and copper have been here for a while, but the real revival has been of brass.

Lending instant drama and glamor to home decor, this metal is becoming a favorite of the aficionados of stylish living. See the pictures below to get an idea of incorporating this in your home decor.

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Brass lamp, photo-frame and flower pot! Still does not like seem like an overdose, right? That's what true glamor is all about. But if you do not want to go the excess way and instead have one big statement piece, you can always opt for a big mirror or vintage clock to up the glam quotient of your interiors.

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Now just look at this big round brass cocktail table in this Elle Decor page. The table oozes glamor and sophistication. The best part-such varieties of furniture can be easily incorporated in your current setting.

The next big step to make your home look luxurious and dramatic-bring on the Dark-and-Blacks! Black innately is a glamorous and bold color. When combined with metallic accents, it personifies opulence and chic elegance.

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The Splash of Colors

If dazzling blue is one of the leading colors of the year, radiant orchid has managed to emerge as the color of the year. The color is all about exuberance and energy. Having such a color in your interiors is definitely going to liven up your home. The versatility of this color makes it a good choice for all color palettes. So if you are too much in love with your beiges and taupes, but would just love to include a pop of color in your home decor that does not look out of place, you have your color. Radiant orchid is a perfect complement to beige and taupe interiors.

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However, if you want to experiment with colors this season and really make them work for your interiors, there are a myriad of options awaiting you.

Welcome the happy color yellow this season to your homes to add some instant vivaciousness and warmth. Slip in some yellow cushion covers, or just paint that side-table yellow. It has been needing a makeover forever really. In fact check out some great ways to usher yellow in your homes on .

Miranda Kerr made neon look drool worthy, the runways just could not have enough of them. Wouldn't it be some fun to add these bright, bold shades in our home decor as well?

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Watch how the turquoise and cobalt look just oh! so lovely paired with the neon cushions. Neons have this adorable tendency to not just stand out with their brightness but also make everything around them look just a tad bit chicer and cuter.

It wouldn't be wrong to say then that colors will rule the roost in 2014.

Rise of the Ethnic

2013 saw lots of native prints and ethnic handicrafts being incorporated in mainstream home decor. The trend is all set to continue this year too. So if you were planning to travel to the far-east or the Africas, you have one more good reason to do so. Collect the exotic, the local, the ethnic from your travels and use them on your home decor. One of our favorite illustrations of using ethnic art and print in home decor has been John Robshaw's New York apartment.

Don't miss the mango-wood lamps and the bamboo side-tables. Transports us to the Indian forests… so peaceful, so relaxing…

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Ode to the Outdoors

Homes are moving beyond just being close spaces. With hectic schedules and little time to travel, the only communion with the outdoors and nature comes from our own little backyards and lawns. Think of having a nice relaxing outdoor oasis and sipping some wine there after a long day of work.

A pool area or a deck with a hammock sounds divine. But the interesting trend seen this year will be the blurring of the indoors and outdoors. More and more walls are being broken to include a room that is literally under the sky but has all amenities of a traditional living or dining room. Similarly open hot patios are being converted into inviting spaces for socializing and dining sessions. Luxurious furniture were earlier designed and made only for indoor functionality. However the residents and the designers have realized now that luxury cannot be confined to four walls and more and more options for design,luxury and comfort are emerging for the outdoors as well.

luxury and comfort are emerging for the outdoors as well.

Better Homes and Gardens offer a fresh perspective on fashionable decor and utility of the outdoors.

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Have your imagination soaring already? Can't wait to try out these new trends in your home redecoration and renovation? Well, we do give you a little bit more information on implementing these hot trends, room-wise.

Living Room Chic and Chintz

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Modern and traditional blend together to come alive in this stylish living room. Wooden flooring, sharp geometric mirrors and liberal use of rich blacks and browns with metallic accents spell sophisticated glamor. The bamboo flower baskets are such an innovative touch and not to mention bang on trend.(remember the rise of the ethnics)

But we would love a splash of color though, maybe throw in a radiant orchid cushion or a nice big colorful artwork or maybe just a wall painted yellow.

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How we love the yellow lamp shades and the peeping bolster there!

Styling the Bedroom

Bedrooms go uber glamorous in 2014. Graceful and elegant fabrics like silks and velvet, with bursts of color and a vintage piece of work will make your bedroom a show-stopper.

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And what did we tell you about the royalty and versatility of our color of the year-radiant orchid? If you really want to make a change to your room this season, our pick would be paint your bedroom walls in this shade. If all walls sound a bit too risky and dark for you, you could always pick one or just a corner. Open wardrobes with clothes neatly displayed on wooden and bamboo hangers could also be a nice and functional addition to your bedroom.

The Mayhem Room

Color and cheer will be the keywords to decorating your child's room this year. If we love neons, the kids dote on them. Go overboard with colors in your kids rooms this year. Different shades do not just make the room look vibrant and cheerful but also demarcate territories for children and make organization of their items more systematic. Use a lot of colorful baskets in their room. Color the racks of the cupboards differently so the yellow be for socks, red be for scarves and so on. Toy baskets can also be categorized accordingly. Because kids play around all the time and are running around constantly, keeping adequate amount of lighting in their rooms and sheer curtains is a timeless trend.

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The colors and use of space is quite attractive and intelligent in this room. Don't you think?

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Lounge chairs and loungers like these in the colors of the season not just make your children's room trendy but also comfortable. Moreover, these are useful for you too when you want to say those bed-time stories. Another concern that is duly being looked at this season is safety of the children. The material used and rounded edges of this chair thus makes it perfect for your child. Besides the little monsters can jump on it, fall on it, fall with it and not hurt themselves. Now here is an investment worth your money.

Kitchen Wonders

Gold and brass replace iron and steel this year in kitchen trends. The fact that they look fantastic against veined marble slabs in the kitchen only add to their appeal. Stainless steels can bid adieu.

Glamor continues in the food-station as bejeweled kitchen are all set to be a rage this year. Opt for dramatic countertops and backsplashes bedecked with semi-precious stones, agate, malachite and brass, copper and gold accents.

Let the vintage and the contemporary come together for you in your kitchen. Antique pieces in the kitchen is really posh and functionality of modern designs simply cannot be ignored. So blending the two is a good idea.

Black and white is going to be another combination that is trending this year for sophisticated, dramatic kitchens. Black granite and quartz that has a honed or leather finish or browns in wood will be the source of the drama while the lighter colors like marble or light gray will add the touch of subtle and sensual.

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Beautiful Spaces-Bathrooms

Fashionistas and designers claim the bath will emerge as the actual luxe spot of the home this year. No longer can it be ignored as trends evolve specifically to make your bathroom look like a king's in a reasonable budget.

The statement colors gold and black can totally be put to use to add a real glamorous edge to your bathroom. Elegant, dark frames of another era will break the monotony of your white tiles and add a dramatic look to the otherwise clinical looking bathrooms. Bath tubs get deeper and cozier and more affordable. Metallic decor takes over beyond the fixtures.

A good and inexpensive way to infuse some instant glamor-sleek, modern lighting, frames that appear vintage and silver leafed sink.

But, if contemporary is your medicine and you want to go all bold in remodeling your bathroom, consider fusing in some colors. Having a bold colored tub or painting your bathroom in a bold color will definitely give your bathroom that edginess and uniqueness, the magazines are dictating and you are craving right now. But think about it, can you live with it when the trend changes?

Otherwise, you could just invest in putting a couple of sunny paintings, neon vases, colored racks, flirty mirrors. They will work just as well in changing the look of your bathroom and keeping it trendy.

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The color and freshness!! Now wouldn't you simply love going to a bathroom with such funky furniture.

So here they are the biggest, brightest and bestest home decor trends of 2014. Get set to make your house a real style haven this year. Having a willingness to experiment will definitely score you some brownie points this season. While these trends are enough to keep you occupied for a while, here are a few more links to some pretty funky websites that will keep you inspired and the home decor connoisseur in you satiated: - Fashion, lifestyle, home and living they cover it all in style - A charming blog about making changes to make your home more beautiful and warm each day without cutting a hole in your pocket - Painted headboards and medals, venetian motifs, this blog is all about vintage and with vintage making such a comeback you should check this out for some stunning home decor pieces and ideas - As the name suggests, all your creative thirst for having that most beautiful bedroom will be quenched here - Your sneak-peek and guide to affordable luxury in home decor