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Summer is on its way and if you haven't done it already, it is definitely time to safely store your coats away. Depending on what types of coats you have to store, it could be very important that you follow a specific regimen when it comes to putting them into storage. Doing it right can help to protect your coats so that they remain in good shape for the next season.

1) Wool: Most people own wool coats and wool suits. Caring for wool is actually very simple, which is one reason that it has been so popular for so many years. Wool should be spot cleaned and should not be subjected to a full cleaning at the cleaners very often. They can be brushed and this is actually the preferred way to clean them. Not only does an occasional brushing help to keep the nap looking fresh and new, but it also destroys moth larvae, removes dust, and helps to remove body oils and moisture that can cause wool to rot, smell, or attract more pests. Always store wool in a breathable hanging bag. Use a cedar coat hanger to keep your coats and suits fresh and safe from moisture. When you have them dry cleaned, don't keep them in the plastic bag. This can cause the lingering dry cleaning chemicals to damage the coat while it is in storage.

2) Leather: Leather coats are also very popular and require special care. Leather conditioners can be used on most types of leathers. Just make sure that you follow manufacturer instructions carefully and test in a small hidden area before you begin. Suedes and synthetics have to be cared for exactly how the instructions on the tag say. Synthetics can use many different types of rayon and dyes that can be easily damaged if incorrectly treated. Just like wool coats, you should store your leather and suede coats in a breathable garment bag. Use wide shouldered coat hangers to help retain the shape of the coat.

3) Fur Coats: These require special care. You don't want to open the garment bag of your favorite fur coat only to find that the hair has fallen out. Humidity is the enemy of fur coats. Valuable furs can be kept at a professional fur coat storage facility. At the very least, you should store your fur coats near a dehumidifier or in a temperature and humidity controlled closet. Furs need to be kept below seventy degrees, but air conditioners create unwanted humidity. Be careful with your furs and they can last you a lifetime.

Hang all of your coats on coat hangers designed for coats. Wooden clothes hangers with wide shoulders are generally best. Hangers that are designed to hold heavy weights and absorb moisture are best. The clothes hangers that you choose can help you to keep your coats looking like new for years to come.

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