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Bathroom remodel is one of the most popular home-improvement activities that is undertaken to improve quality of life, resale value and aesthetic appearance of our homes. A bathroom remodel will give you the luxury of enjoying your personal space and time satisfactorily for a long time to come.

Remodels run into thousands of dollars, if not more. If there are no major structural problems or functional inadequacies, then you can reconsider going for minor improvements and decor changes instead of a full-blown remodel. Style makeovers are easier and help freshen and renew old spaces, and there is no need to rip apart plumbing or pulling out tiling.

Makeovers can be cost-efficient and highly effective if you plan beforehand and well. The beautiful bathroom fittings, organizing accessories and make-up you see in decor magazines cost a lot. They may make for a glamorous makeover, but it is also necessary that you balance your budget and needs sensibly.

Here are a few tips for you to give a stylish and trendy makeover to your bathroom without breaking the bank.


Very often, cramped apartments and city dwellings have small bathrooms that do not have the luxury of space for ambitious makeovers. If you want to give a more spacious and airy feel to your bathroom, consider hanging a large size mirror above the sink or vanity. Smaller mirrors act to make spaces appear smaller and more limited.

Clear shower doors, pedestal-style bathroom vanity, and medicine cabinets and other eye-level shelves recessed into the wall also help make bathroom space appear larger.

You must also ensure that you do not clutter counter space and shelves with towels, tissues and other supplies. This will enable your bathroom look less crowded and more spacious. Hang shower curtains as high as possible so that the walls appear taller.

Keep as few floor and bath mats as possible on the bathroom floor. This will help open up the floor space and make it seem less divided into mat-covered and tiled areas.

Open windows are also great for making bathroom spaces airy and open. But in some cases, installing a window might not be an option. Operable skylight is an alternative that you can weigh in on. It opens up the area to fresh air and light, and makes the space more comfortable.


One of the most important, useful and long-term improvements you can make to your bathroom design is to improve accessibility.

Curb-free shower makes it easily accessible and is one of the most desirable functionalities if you plan on aging-in-place improvement. Universal design principles recommend zero-threshold and built-in seating platform in shower that are helpful for not only the elderly but also for able-bodied people.

Comfort-height toilets and grab bars are also smart additions if you want to adopt a long-term perspective while restyling your bathroom. Also, today most of these accessories look stylish and trendy, and are part of mainstream bathroom design.


There is no right budget for a bathroom redo. You can spend as much or as little as you like. A quick online search will let you know that there are bath accessories that carry eye-watering price tags and equally functional ones at more affordable prices. So the matter boils down to what you want to put in your bathroom and how you want it to look like in the end.

Splurging on select items will help you give a luxurious feel to the bathroom without having to spend beyond your budget. The expensive buys will define the overall look of the room and will act as focal points of interest. But do ensure that you spend on something you love-think custom-made vanity or high-end plumbing fixtures or one-of-a kind storage solutions. You can even use specialized clothes hangers to keep essential outfits organized in the floor-length cupboards.


Bland, uniform and similar lighting will not help highlight the good or camouflage the no-so-good. It is important you invest in lighting fixtures that help bring layers and depth into the room.

Ceiling fixtures are great for normal purposes but may not be the ideal solution if you are seated at the vanity. Scones or vertical lighting fixtures on either sides of the vanity will help in better visibility. Wall scones near mirrors also help reflect light making rooms appear bigger.

Recessed canister lights are good in the shower and toilet area. They are dedicated task lights and can last long if you go for LED bulbs. Ensure you put them on dimmer switches so that you can adjust according to the task on hand.

Shadows and dim lights help give an impression of what's near and far. Similar lighting will give the appearance of walls closing in, which you do not want.

Invest in high end decorative, ambient and accent lights to get the best results, and achieve a quick style makeover.


Experienced and highly skilled DIY experts may be able to pull off a bathroom makeover without professional help. But if you are making structural alterations to plumbing, electrical wiring or flooring it is always best to seek the services of professionals. They speed up the project considerably and help finish the work in a time and cost-efficient manner.


Beautifully maintained and tastefully done up bathrooms up the aesthetic appeal of a home. They make homes look stylish and trendy, and reflect the personality of the homeowner as well. So the next time you want to give a style makeover to your bathrooms, keep the above tips in mind.

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