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Are your cleaning supplies piled up and crammed underneath the kitchen sink? Are you tired of buying new cleaners only to discover that you already owned them and just couldn't find them? Getting the area underneath your kitchen sink organized can save you a lot of time and money. Use these tips to get this common problem area in order.


Organize the Space Underneath Your Sink

Clean it Out

First, you will need to remove everything so that you can get the area clean and clear. Wear gloves in case any chemical cleaners have leaked or spilled while crammed under the sink. Clean the space, removing all dust, dirt and grime. Lay down some shelf paper or preferably, a heavy duty plastic mat, like the one pictured. This will make future clean-ups easy and protect your cabinets from chemical or moisture damage.

Moving on Up

For this project, we invested $15 in wire baskets and shelves. The shelf in the back holds frequently used products up higher so that they can be easily seen and obtained. I didn't want to put screws in my cabinet doors, or deal with items pushing things over when I closed the doors, so I used the formerly wasted space on either side of this deep and tall cabinet. Here I store items that I stock up on so that I can easily see when they're running out. I also use the deeper basket on the left for things like cabinet cleaner, that I don't use very often.

Things You Use Most

The things that you use the most should be front and center. Here I keep a box for kitchen rags, dishwashing liquid, and automatic dishwashing detergent. I really like having a box for rags because I don't have to fold and keep them stacked. By using the box and pushing it underneath the wire shelf, I was able to empty a drawer in the kitchen for organizing other things.

Everything Else

Taller items and things like drain cleaners and bug spray that I don't use often, are all stored in the back. I can still easily see what I need and reach it if I want, I just try to keep things of a similar size together so that one thing doesn't hide the other.

This system is easy to maintain because I always have an empty space when something runs out. If there is no empty space, then I know not to buy more of anything. Because I don't overbuy, I save money and I don't crowd the space.