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Most bathrooms do not have a closet that is usable for clothing. If your bathroom does have a closet, it is probably small and only holds linens. Really, we need room in the closet for holding clothes, towels, dirty clothes, and other things that we use in the bathroom every day. Creating a "spa closet" or locker area can provide you with the storage and accessible space that you need for getting ready in the bathroom.

1) You can create an instant towel or robe warming area by building a wood box with slats on the bottom. A vented bottom will allow heat to enter the box when you place it near or over a heater vent in the bathroom floor. You don't want to block the vent completely, so make sure that your warming box has short legs to keep it about one or two inches off the floor. This will allow heat to enter the room, but your towels and robe can be warming up at the same time.

2) The same concept can be used to give you a good place for wet clothes, bath mats, and towels to dry. This hamper can offer a ventilated, yet attractive, place to put your dirty clothes when you are changing or showering. You can use a cushion with a washable terry cloth cover on top of the box to give yourself somewhere to sit while you're getting ready.

3) Install a hanging bar in your bathroom so that you have a good place to hang your clothes while you're showering and getting ready. Some bars come on a bracket, like ones that you see when you enter restaurants or offices. These are really useful in the bathroom. You can hang your clothes and let the steam from the shower release wrinkles while you get ready. This can save you time on ironing and keep your clothes close at hand.

4) The top of the hanging bar usually will have a shelf where you can stack clean towels and wash cloths. You may want to install some corner shelves or a small cubby shelf in the bathroom to hold other items that you need while getting ready. You can discretely store your underwear, socks, panty hose, and other items that you will use after a shower and while getting ready for work or a night out. Having these things close at hand instead of buried in a drawer somewhere will be very convenient and save you time.

5) Make your bathroom spa area attractive so that it is a place you will be happy to use. Choose clothes hangers that compliment the decor in the bathroom. A coat hanger or wood hanger is best for hanging heavy robes to dry. Wood hangers are also very attractive and you can get ones that match the wood accents in your bathroom.

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