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Using half round torso forms in retail is an excellent way to promote sales and increase customer interest. As the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words” it is also true in consumer buying behavior. Customers hanging body formswill look at a garment hanging on a torso form in a totally different mindset than seeing the same garment folded and displayed on a table or even hanging on a hanger. Have you ever watched people shopping for clothes and noticed them hold a shirt or blouse up in the air or hold it to their chest and look at it from that angle? They are doing this because they want to imagine how that garment is going to look on them without going to a fitting room and going thru the hassle of trying it on. By utilizing hanging torso forms throughout the store customers can better understand exactly how it will look and are more apt to buy. Sales can be increased further if the top displayed is also paired with coordinated skirts or pants.


With Halloween right around the corner and the holiday shopping season not far behind, now is the perfect time to get your store ready with hanging torso forms. Only Hangers torso forms are available in a wide range of sizes from infant and toddlers thru adult. The adult ladies forms will work well with ladies sizes 5 – 10 and the mens forms will accommodate sizes ranging from small to large. All forms are available in black or white and are very economically priced. Please watch the hanger guy at Only Hangers as he reviews the different styles of hanging body forms available from Only Hangers