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Specialty hangers can be really useful for getting your closet organized and maximizing available space. They help you to keep things in order because each one has a special purpose. They give you a visible space to hang things you normally wouldn't hang, such as scarves and even swimwear. Specialty wooden hangers, like sturdy coat hangers, support the curvature of tailored coats and suits, keeping them nicely shaped. You can use cascading hangers to make extra room so that you can actually see what is in your closet and find what you're looking for when you need it.

Hangers with clips or clamps help to hold items in place that may normally slip. You can hang shorts, skirts, shirts with straps, and other hard-to-hang items. Smaller ones are great for lighter or smaller items. You can purchase large and extra large ones for men's slacks, coats and suits. When choosing the right pincher hanger, match the width of the garment to the width of the hanger so that there is no sagging in the middle of the garment. If it's taught when hung, you'll avoid wrinkles, save space, and your closet will look nice and neat all of the time.

Pants are notorious for slipping and ending up on the floor. Some pants hangers come with a non-slip grip vinyl sleeve or plastic coating to hold your pants in place. Some have a clamp that extends the length of the hanging bar. You can also get ones that are open on one end so you can easily slip pants on and off of the hanger without having to thread them through the center. You don't even have to take it off the bar.

Scarf hangers can help you get smaller items organized in your closet. Some hang vertically, some horizontally. The same goes for tie hangers and belt hangers. Hanging small items keeps you from needing drawers, shelves or containers to organize these things, leaving you more storage room in your closet or dresser

Cascading hangers are the most popular for saving space. Hanging multiple pairs of pants, skirts, shirts, and dresses on one hanger can double or triple your closet space while coordinating outfits and saving you time. The "Wonder Hanger" is essentially a hanger with notches for hanging multiple items. Unhook one end and the items cascade together. Hanging the dangling end separates the clothes so that they are easy to remove.

Specialty clothes hangers are essential for getting a closet organized. Save time and space by using the specialty hangers that are right for you.

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