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The closet is the center of the home's universe. You use it to store things long-term, but you still need to access it every day. It's the first thing you go to in the morning and it can be quite frustrating if it's not organized and easy to use. There's no need to start your day off on the wrong foot just because your closet is cluttered. There are many choices in closet organization and design to help you accomplish what you need to. Use these tips on how to make your closet versatile so that it doesn't get out of hand every time something changes.

Your closet needs to be versatile enough to get you through wardrobe switches, changing storage needs, and more. Creating a versatile closet may not be an easy task and you may want to consult a closet professional if you can't get it right. However, there are a few ways that you can make it versatile enough to stay organized year-round. Adjustable shelves are one way. If your winter sweaters are bulky and need extra space, adjust the shelf down to make room for the stack. If summer tank tops and swimwear takes up only a little bit of space, you can adjust the shelf up to make more room underneath for winter clothes storage.

Another way to make a closet versatile is to use bins or buckets instead of drawers. This will allow you to swap out summer and winter clothes really quickly and easily. Store the lid of the container underneath the bucket or bin while you're using it. Let's say that you have a bin full of winter socks. When winter rolls around, you can take down the container, remove the lid, slide it underneath, and display it on the shelf. Then put the lid on your short summer socks and store it on the shelf where the winter socks were. This is an easy way to make seasonal changes an easy task instead of a whole closet overhaul.

You can make the seasonal switch easy for your hanging clothes, too. Rolling garment racks are very inexpensive and usually come with a zip-up cover that keeps clothing safe from insects, moisture, and sunlight. If you have enough clothes hangers to hang your summer and winter clothing, then it is easy to make the switch. Summer clothes go in as winter clothes go out. You can store the garment rack in a laundry room, spare bedroom, garage, or basement.

If you are storing clothing long-term, make sure that you use the right hangers. Wooden hangers that are designed for suits will help them keep their shape as the temperature changes. Clothing hangers designed to hold certain types of clothing will help you to be sure that nothing has slipped off of the hanger while in storage. Non-slip rubber hanger strips can be attached to the hanger shoulders to help prevent the garments from slipping. Cedar hangers help to control the humidity and repel bugs so that mold, mildew, pests and odors are not a problem.

Your closet doesn't have to cause you stress. With a good system down and the right clothes hangers, you can feel like you are in complete control of it year-round.

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