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Cleaning schedules are great time savers. If you're not the type to get all of your house cleaning done on Saturday mornings, then coming up with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules is a great way to reduce the time that you have to spend cleaning. Getting things in order and finding a way to maintain them is a great way to simplify your life and reduce your stress. Having a clean home makes your house a more peaceful place to live. Practicing and teaching good cleaning habits will make you feel more accomplished and in control of your life. Use these ideas to create your weekly cleaning schedule so that you can get your house, and life, on track.

1. Not everything in your home needs to be done daily. Vacuuming can be done weekly. Vacuuming can be one of those things that gets delayed or pushed back to the next week because once everything is picked up, the carpet may look clean. What you may not realize is that your carpet harbors a lot of the pollution that is in the air of your home. Pet dander, dust, and pollen build up, unseen, inside of your carpet. Putting vacuuming on your weekly cleaning list will ensure that it gets done and protects your family from allergies.

2. Dusting doesn't necessarily need to be done daily. Dusting weekly helps to keep the dust from building up to a point where it is difficult to clean. Dust can contain pollen and dead skin cells that stick together, making dust hard to remove. Humidity can also affect dust, making to adhere to surfaces instead of just gently resting on top of your belongings. Dusting once a week is often enough to keep dust from making a permanent home on the different items around your house.

3. Mopping your floors can be a lot of work if you have big areas of tile or hardwood. Mopping on a weekly basis will keep stains from permanently setting into your grout. Mopping removes germs and bacteria from the floors of your home. Use a good disinfectant cleaner to ensure that you are keeping your family safe from germs on the floor.

4. Laundry is another chore that can be done weekly. Doing your laundry over the weekend will help you to be prepared for your work week before it starts. Have everyone in the house collect their own laundry throughout the week. When it is time to do weekly chores, wash each person's clothing separately. This will make it easy to hang each person's clothes on the right size hanger, fold their stacks, and quickly put them away.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online resource for quality clothing hangers.