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When organizing your clothing, you normally have several options. But how do you tell which is the right one? Well, there are benefits and disadvantages to each way of organizing. Here we will go over the different types to help you choose shelves, folded, laid flat, hung on hangers, put in bins, or stacked in drawers. Choosing the right method of storage and organization for each type of item that you need to put away can help you to get organized and stay that way.

Shelves are great for storing lots of things. Stacks of pants, shorts, folded t-shirts, and more can easily be stored on a shelf. Personally, I like to stack shorts on shelves. Unless they are for dress and need to remain wrinkle free, shorts are fine in a drawer or on a shelf. I prefer shelves to drawers because stacks are much easier to pick through when they're out in the open. Simply choose the shorts that you need and pull them out of the stack. Folded t-shirts are also great on shelves because it's easy to see what you have and grab what you need without disrupting the whole stack.

Things that fall over more easily are not recommended for shelves. Almost everyone folds their washcloths and then puts them in a tall stack in the linen closet. This is just asking for trouble because they can easily fall over and cause a mess. Underwear are the same. If you fold them and then stack them, either on a shelf or in a drawer, then the stack is easily toppled over when you pull out the pair that you want. If you want to keep your drawers in drawers, consider using dividers, like tie organizers, to keep the underwear separated. Avoid stacks of anything in drawers. Deep drawers with tall stacks should be reserved for things like heavy sweaters and items that you are only storing. Everyday items should be easily accessed without tearing up all of the hard work that you've done.

Instead of folding and committing an entire drawer or shelf to little things like socks, underwear and washcloths, consider getting yourself a couple of buckets, baskets or bins. Using a bin for washcloths means that you'll never have to fold them again, and the stack can never fall over. This gives your linen closet a clean, neat and organized appearance as well. Using specialty hangers for things like scarves, ties and belts gets a lot of clutter out of your drawers. Hang whatever you can on clothes hangers so that you save time by not having to fold everything. Nothing is stacked up where you can't get to it very well, and your drawers and shelves are reserved for storage.

About the Author: Jo Granville is on the staff of Only Hangers, a leading online retailer of clothing hangers.