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Are you looking for a little serenity in your life? Clutter and unorganized messes around your home can give you the feeling of being out of control, closed in, or overwhelmed with how much there is to do. Finding ways to take advantage of unused spaces around your home to create storage and organization can help you to take back control of your house and enjoy the serenity that comes along with that.

1. Save shoe boxes to store shoes. Shoes can be a major source of clutter in your closets. Shoe boxes are generally sturdy enough to use for a long time without spending any extra money on organization products. Shoe boxes stack easily in the unused front corners of your closets. Keeping shoes in the boxes that they came in will help you to quickly and easily find what you're looking for when you need it. If you don't have the original box, just label it with either a picture or description of which shoes are inside.

2. Make use of hooks around your home to keep things from piling up on the floor. Large hooks are inexpensive and easy to install. Just make sure that your hooks are anchored into a stud with a long enough screw to hold some weight. Hang backpacks, laptop bags, sports equipment and more in your coat or entryway closets. Use them in your bedroom closets to hold a bag for stashing clothes that no longer fit or that you've decided to donate. Hang scarves, hats, bins for socks, whatever you need to eliminate the need for extra shelving or drawers in your home.

3. Are your bathroom counters cluttered with the things that you use every day? Creating easy-to-access storage spaces for your beauty and bathroom products is a must. Placing magnets on the backs of your make-up and using a magnet board is one way to get everything off the counter and still have it easily accessible. Decorative baskets with easy to open lids are great for storage in the bathroom as well.

4. Using specialty clothing hangers is the easiest way to create lots of room in your closet for clothes. Multi-pant hangers are perfect for consolidating pants, skirts, and jeans to make more room for other things. There are hangers for organizing scarves, ties, belts, swim wear, lingerie, hats and more available at great prices. Using coordinate hangers allows you to hang tops and bottoms from the same hanger, doubling the space in your closet.

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