Collection: Salesman's Hangers

Our line salesman's metal hangers have been a favorite of the professional garment industry for years. These strong metal clothes hangers feature a rounded loop in the neck designed specifically for inserting a "metal diaper pin rod". This rod, when closed, will hold garments together snuggly for easy transportation while traveling to and from clients or trade shows. The thin, space-saving design of these metal salesman's hangers will also allow more hangers to be placed inside garment transportation bags or on collapsible rolling racks.

We have recently added a version of this metal clothing hanger without the loop in the neck for customers who favor these hangers for use in the home.

    Metal Pant/Skirt Hanger (No Loop)
    Metal Pant/Skirt Hanger (No Loop)

    Bundle of 25 - $34.95

    Half Box of 50 - $55.95

    Box of 100 - $92.95

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