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Collection: Walnut & Brass Wood Hangers

These elegant, solid wood hangers are made with solid beech hardwood with a finish of deep walnut with brass hardware polished beautifully.

Our Walnut & Brass coat hangers and top hangers are contoured to help you coats and shirts keep their shape. They also feature notches for hanging straps. Some, like our Contoured Combination Hanger with Clips, have an added drop bar with smooth non-staining clips for pants and skirts.

Our Walnut & Brass suit hangers feature a locking bar, like the Contoured Suit Hanger with Locking Bar, a stationary bar, or a non-slip vinyl non-slip bar.

Our Walnut & Brass Pant/Skirt Hangers feature a non-slip bar or no-snag non-staining cushioned clips.

Check out our Walnut & Brass specialty hangers for belts, multiple pants, and ties.

    Wooden Vertical Tie Hanger - Walnut & Brass
    Wooden Vertical Tie Hanger - Walnut & Brass

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